Electronic version of the book “Nuclear Weapons Complex”, the Volume 14 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2007.1eng.

Electronic version of the book "Control, Communication and Radio Electronic Warfare Systems", the Volume 13 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2006.1 eng.

“The Flagship of Shipborne Radar Systems” came off the press.

A electronic version of the book ”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects” went on sale (v.2012.2eng).

”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects”, a book dedicated to the 300th anniversary of state-run weapon making in Tula. The edition was published with the support from V.S. Gruzdev, the governor of the Tula Region.

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Encyclopedia "Russia’s Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia"

Volume 5 — "Space Weapons"

Volume 5 — "Space Weapons"
90 USD

  • 2002
  • 704 pages, Russian/English text
  • 338 models of space weapons
  • 45 defense industry enterprises
  • 1327 illustrations

ISBN: 5-93799-004-6


Space missile defense systems

Information and control systems

Vympel interstate joint-stock corporation

Missile attack warning system

Command posts of missile attack warning system

Space monitoring system

Kometa central research institute

Space information/control systems

Space layer of missile launch warning system

IS-M antispace defense complex

Maritime space reconnaissance and target designation system (MSRTD)

Concern "Radio engineering and information systems" Academician A.L. Minz radio engineering institute

Information aids for space missile defense

Daryal early warning radar

Dnepr radar

Don-2N multifunctional radar

Prospective projects in the field of radar engineering

MARS-E multifunctional container-type decimeter radar

High-potential radar used in near-earth objects early warning system

Research and production complex - long-range radio communication research institute

Missile attack warning radars and radar complexes

Dunai-3U Radar

Volga detection radar

Krona space objects identification radio-optical complex

Over-the-horizon radar means

Duga over-the-horizon radar

Prospective multifunctional radar aids and complexes

Multifunctional radars to control the air and space

Multifunctional radar complex assembled on the basis of early-detection over-the-horizon and above-the horizon radars

Research institute of radio instrument making

Development and creation of domestic antimissile defense systems

Experimental AMD system (system A)

A-35 Moscow AMD combat system

Avrora territorial AMD system project

A-135 Moscow AMD system

S.A. Zverev Krasnogorsk plant

Optoelectronic complexes of space monitoring system

Okno optoelectronic complex

Optoelectronic station for search for and detection of space objects

Optoelectronic station for measuring angular coordinates and photometering space objects

Oka search and tracking redeployable automatic optoelectronic station

Aerospace photographic equipment

Priroda photographic space complex

High-resolution long-focus viewing photographic camera

Central radio engineering research institute

AMD systems countermeasures means

AMD penetration complexes

Reentry vehicle signatures reducing means

Reentry vehicle characteristics distorting means

Inflatable reflectors



Noise jammers

Extraordinary situations monitoring and warning space system

Project of traffic control and ecological monitoring space system

Nonstrategic antimissile defense systems

Main requirements to nonstrategic antimissile defense systems

Type composition of nonstrategic antimissile defense system

Information aids

Firing means

Control system

Possible types of nonstrategic antimissile defense systems

S-300V mobile system

S-300PMU-2 (Favorit) air defense missile system

Airborne information/fire system

Sea-based fire system

Specialized NAMD zonal defense system

Possible lines of cooperation in the field of creation of nonstrategic antimissile defense

Specialized control systems

Space means control system

Main test center for testing and control of space means

Ground-based automated control complex

Command/measuring posts

Research institute of precision instruments

Automated radio engineering spacecraft control systems

Raduga ground-based remote earth sensing video information receiving station

Comparus automated spacecraft control radio system

Kurs radio system for search for, approach to and docking of spacecraft

Luch-M space-based high-detailed synthetic aperture radar

Impulse research and production association

Control and information support systems for combat missile equipment

Automated combat control equipment

Specialized technical means of control systems

Dual-purpose technologies

Specialized computing complexes and unified technical means

Measuring systems and complexes

Special design bureau of Moscow power engineering institute

Radio engineering means for measuring current navigation parameters

Kama-IK radar

Veer multichannel multiparameter trajectory measurement system with automated data transmission

Ritm correlation-phase direction finder

Orbita-TM telemetry system

Optical means of measurement of current navigation parameters

Oka-K and Oka-RK mobile laser TV stations

Yukon-M precision laser TV station

Antenna systems and radio telescopes

TNA-1500 multipurpose radio telescope

Universal antenna system

Program-controlled antenna (PCA)

TKSA-6 space deployable antenna

Delta-2 multichannel scanning microwave radiometer

Open joint stock company "Radiofizika"

Radar observation means

Ruza millimeter radar


Software for radar information processing

Research institute of precision instrument making

High-accuracy trajectory measurements

Sazhen-2 laser range finder

Sazhen-S laser system

Cosmotan optical tracking station

Maidanak measuring complex

Sazhen-T laser system

Transportable version of Sazhen-T laser system

Sazhen-TM small-size multiparameter system

On-board retroreflector systems for laser location of spacecraft

Space-based data transmission systems

Laser intersatellite data transmission system

Space-based laser pulsed on-board range finder

Open joint stock company "Axion-Holding Izhevsk-based Engineering Plant"

Telemetry systems

PRS-7 receiving/recording station

NPRS-9 receiving/recording station

Krym-2M PC complex

Command/Measuring systems

Command/measuring systems Taman-Baza-MS and Fazan

Space communication systems

Nauka M-04 ground-based receive/ transmit space communication station

On-board instruments for space monitoring

Sun coordinates finding on-board instrument (SCFI)

Earth center finding on-board instrument (ECFI)

Liton-3 digital information processing and recording complex

Technical principles of set-up of Liton equipment

Space missile equipment

Spacecraft launching means

M.V. Khrunichev state space research and production center

Launch Vehicles

Proton-K launch vehicle

Launch vehicles of Angara family

Cosmos-3M launch vehicle

Thiklon-3 launch vehicle

Launch vehicles Zenit-2 and Zenit-3SL

"TsSKB-Progress" state research and production missile center

Launching means

Soyuz launch vehicle

Molniya launch vehicle

Soyuz-2 launch vehicle

Yamal (Avrora) launch vehicle

Ikar orbital injection unit

Space complexes

Bion space complex

Foton automatic space complex

Resurs-F1M automatic space complex

Resurs-F2 automatic space complex

Resurs-DK1 automatic space complex

Nika-T automatic space complex

Nika-Kuban automatic space complex

Space complexes Energia and Efir

Zenit series spacecraft

Yantar-2K space complex

Information gathering and delivery means

Nauka self-contained satellite

Landing capsule

Scientific equipment containers

Space missile systems Greated on the basis of Conversion icbms and slbms

Launch vehicles used to launch small spacecraft

Space missile systems of Start family

Start-1 launch vehicle

Start launch vehicle

Rokot light-class launch vehicle

Rosobshchemash joint-stock company

Dnepr space missile systems

State rocket center " Academician V.P. Makeev design bureau"

Means of injection of payloads into near-earth orbits on the basis of SLBM technologies

Volna space missile system

Volan recoverable vehicle

Demonstration experiment with an inflatable braking device

Demonstration experiment with "Sun Sail"

Shtil space missile system

Priboi space missile system

Priboi launch vehicle

Priboi-M launch vehicle

Priboi-U launch vehicle

Riksha space missile system

Urengoi space missile system

Small spacecraft

Base-line research small spacecraft of Compas series

Ugulbek earth remote sounding spacecraft

Bumerang orbital recoverable vehicle

Aerospace systems and technologies

Air Launch space transportation system

Air Launch space transportation system composition

An-124-100AL carrier aircraft

Polyot two-stage LV

Specific features of Air Launch space transportation system

LV & CA separation

Air Launch system safety

Air Launch system operation process

Flight route of Air Launch system

Proposed development of Polyot LV and Russian LVs based on Yamal (Aurora) and Air Launch systems

Mig-31S aerospace complex

Molniya research and production association

Reusable piloted space systems

Spiral aerospace system

Buran reusable orbital spaceship

Baikal reusable booster

Multipurpose aerospace system (MASS)

MASS-OS with orbital plane and external fuel tank

MASS-T with expendable space stage

MASS-M with reusable space stage

Spheres of application of MASS versions

Use of MASS-o and MASS-M in "Earth-orbit-Earth" transportation operations

Use of MASS for provision of transportation and technical services for orbital objects

Use of MASS for rescue of space object crews

Use of MASS orbital plane as an orbital laboratory

Use of MASS for clearing near-Earth space of "space rubbish"

Use of MASS to assemble space objects on orbit

V.M. Myasishchev engineering pilot plant

Systems and complexes of Buran orbital ship

Orbital ship cabin module

Emergency escape means complex

Life support means complex

Temperature control system

Air-breathing jet engine assembly

Atmospheric analog of Buran orbital ship

3M-T Atlant transporter plane

Aerospace planes, piloted rocket planes and satellite systems

Intercontinental piloted rocket plane (project)

Piloted Earth satellites (project)

Satellite with hypersonic lifting surfaces

Satellite of winged configuration with hypersonic flaps

Satellite of winged configuration with gliding landing

Satellite of wingless configuration with autorotation landing

Space plane (project)

M-19 aerospace plane (project)

Cosmopolis M-55Kh reusable aerospace system

Communication, reconnaissance and observation satellite systems

Space navigation systems

Glonass spacecraft

Nadezhda spacecraft

Communication and TV satellites

Molniya-3 spacecraft

Raduga-1 spacecraft

Ekran-M spacecraft

Gorizont spacecraft

Spacecraft of Express series

Information repeater satellites

Spacecraft of Luch series

Low-orbit communication satellites

Spacecraft of Gonets series

Geodetic satellites

GEO-IK spacecraft

Okean-01 spacecraft

Experimental spacecraft

Zeya spacecraft

Engineering research and production association

Global naval space reconnaissance system

Naval radar reconnaissance spacecraft

Naval electronic reconnaissance spacecraft

Space-borne ICBM mass launch early warning system

Country defense-in-depth territorial antimissile system

Spacecraft of global TV reconnaissance system

Counterspace defense system equipped with an IS spacecraft

IS spacecraft

Universal intercontinental ballistic missiles

UR-200 missile

UR-500 missile

UR-100 missile

UR-100 modifications

UR-100N-UTTKh ICBM-based space surveillance and communication systems

Strela launch vehicle

Svobodny spaceport

Condor-E Earth remote sounding space system

Condor-E unified space platform

Condor-E small spacecraft with a radar

Condor-E small spacecraft with optoelectronic equipment

Ruslan-RS satellite communication system

Ruslan-MM small-size communication satellite

Program of mission across the Moon performed by piloted spacecraft using UR-500K launch vehicle

LK-1 piloted lunar spacecraft

Piloted space systems and vehicles for the monitoring of Earth surface

Almaz space missile system with orbital piloted station

Orbital piloted station of the Almaz system

Logistics vehicle

Recoverable reentry vehicle

Capsule for bringing information media to Earth

Transportation system with reusable spacecraft

Light spaceplane

Almaz-T Earth remote sounding space system

Almaz-K space missile system

Almaz-K automatic orbital detailed wide-band photographic reconnaissance station

Experimental laboratory and test facilities

Heat-strength test-rig complex

Compact testing range made on the basis of large-size collimator

Impact test laboratory

Vibration test laboratory

Structures vibration analysis laboratory

Thermovacuum test rigs

M.V. Frunze Arsenal design bureau

Combat missile systems with solid-propellant missiles

Mobile combat missile system with RT-15 missile

Combat missile system with RT-2P missile

Space reconnaissance and observation complexes

Space radar reconnaissance complex

Plazma-A spacecraft

Space electronic reconnaissance complex

Foreshock monitoring and Earth's radar sounding space systems

Predvestnik (foreshock) space system

Obzor space system

Base space platforms

Conversion space projects

Conus-A scientific space program

S.A. Lavochkin research and production association

Long-range supersonic cruise missiles

Burya intercontinental cruise missile

Space monitoring information systems

Oko series spacecraft

Prognoz series spacecraft

Space research and multipurpose systems

Planet exploration programs

Phobos spacecraft

Mars spacecraft

Program of astrophysical exploration

Granat spacecraft

Spektr series spacecraft

Spektr-RG orbital observatory

Spektr-R orbital complex

Spektr-UF space observatory

High-orbit multipurpose space platforms

Arkon platform

Satellite communication systems

Bankir satellite communication system

Nord satellite communication system


Libris small spacecraft

Upper boosters

"L" booster

Fregat general-purpose booster

LiFt booster

System of planetary protection from asteroids and comets

Conus space observation system

Special space reconnaissance and intercept systems

Research and production enterprise "A.G. Iosifyan all-Russian electromechanics research institute and factory"

Spacecraft for observation of the Earth, atmosphere and ambient space

Electro spacecraft

Resurs-01 spacecraft

UMKP-800 unified multipurpose space platform

On-board equipment for piloted orbital stations and spacecraft

Precision electromechanical devices

Contactless direct-current motors

Solar battery orientation systems

Control sensors

Precision electric drives

Microsatellite separation system

Antenna-feeder assemblies

On-board computers

Electromechanics research institute

Space meteorological systems

Meteor-3M spacecraft

On-board equipment for spacecraft

Electric-jet power plants for spacecraft

Meteor-3M spacecraft orientation and stabilization system

Angular momentum quenching system for Meteor-3M spacecraft

Universal system for locking and separation of microspacecraft

Radiation-type coolers of on-board cryogenic system

Prospective projects of space systems and craft

Vulkan space system

Coronas-Foton spacecraft

Power plants and propulsion units

M.V. Keldysh research center

Engines of launch vehicles

Liquid-propellant engines with staged combustion cycle

Oxygen-methane liquid-propellant engine

Hybrid rocket engines

Liquid-air rocket engine

Small-size solid-propellant rocket engines

Superlight noncooled composite-material nozzles for LPRE of high-altitude stages and spacecraft

Electric rocket engines for orientation and correction Ionic engine

Ionic engine

Stationary plasma engines ROS-99 and T-160Ye

Space power plants

Solar power plant

SGTU-10 solar gas-turbine plant

Plasma installations and plasma generators

Minor plasma installation

Archeated plasma chamber (plasma generator)

Engineering research institute

Low-thrust rocket engines

RDMT 0.8 low-thrust gas rocket engine

RDMT 5 low-thrust gas rocket engine

RDMT 12 low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 50M low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 100A low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 135M low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 200K low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 200M low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 200A low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 400A low-thrust two-component rocket engine

RDMT 500A low-thrust two component rocket engine

Chemical engineering research institute

Experimental test facilities for test bed firing of space missile equipment

IS-101 test station

IS-102 test station

IS-104 test station

IS-105 test station

KVKS-106 complex of test rigs for trying out oxygen-hydrogen rocket engines and power plants of boosters

Experimental facilities for research work

NIO-512 research department

IS-526 test station

Experimental facilities for thermal vacuum tests

IS-618 test station

Basic equipment of launching complexes

V.P. Barmin general engineering design bureau

Mobile launching complexes

Launching complex for R-5M missile

Launching complex for R-12 missile

Launching complex for R-14 missile

Stationary launching complexes

Launching complex for R-7 (R-7A) missiles

Desna-N launching complex for R-9A missile

Silo-type launching complexes

Dvina launching complex for R-12U missile

Chusovaya launching complex for R-14U missile

Desna-V launching complex for R-9A missile

Launching complex for missiles UR-100 and UR-100K

Launching silos of antimissile defense systems

Launching complexes for superheavy missiles

Launching complex for UR-500 missile

Launching complex for N-1 missile

Central design bureau of heavy engineering

Units of ground-based equipment for combat missile systems

Erectors for combat missile systems equipped with ground-based launchers

R-1 and R-2 missiles erectors

R-5 missile erector

Erector and servicing units for R-7 missile

R-12 missile erector

R-14 missile erector

Launching unit for road-mobile R-17 missile system

Erectors for silo-type combat missile systems

Erectors for missiles R-12U and R-14U

R-16U missile erectors

UR-100 missile erector

UR-100U missile erector

Protection devices of launching silos

Protection device of launching silo for missiles R-12U and R-14U

Protection device of launching silo for UR-100 missile

Protection device of launching silo for UR-100U missile

Protection facilities and devices

Silo-type command center (STCC)

Protective extendable antenna (PEA)

Units of ground-based equipment of space missile complexes

Servicing unit for Cosmos launch vehicle

Erector and servicing unit for Proton launch vehicle

Erector and servicing tower for N1 superheavy missile

Units of ground-based equipment for Energia-Buran space missile complex

Vympel special design bureau

Launching complexes for conversion missiles

Launching complexes developed on the basis of launching silos for missiles RS-18 (SS-19)

Launching complex developed on the basis of launching silo for RS-10 (SS-11) missiles

Ground-based launching complex for Rokot launch vehicle

Technical complexes

Technical complex for Proton launch vehicle

Technical complexes for spacecraft

Special engineering design bureau

Basic equipment for combat missile systems

Silo launcher for RS-20 missile

Rail-carried launcher for RS-22 missile

Mobile launching complexes for launch vehicles

Rail-carried launching complex

Sea-based launching complex

Antennas for space communication

SM-178 antenna

SM-254 antenna

SM-214AU antenna

SM-108 antenna

Antennas SM-217 and SM-185

Antennas of ship-borne metering stations

Transport engineering design bureau

Support equipment complexes for submarine-launched ballistic missiles

Ground-based equipment complex

Missile loading means complex

Sea-based space launching and technical complexes

Project of sea-based floating space missile complex

Support equipment and preparation and launching systems of Zenit-3SL space missile

Titan central design bureau

Units of ground-based equipment of mobile missile systems

Equipment of Pioneer road-mobile missile system

Self-propelled launcher (SPL)

Launch support vehicle

Guard duty shift vehicle (GDSV)

Hostel vehicle

Canteen vehicle

Transporter-loader (TL)

Transporting/loading trolley (TLT)

Rail-riding transporting/loading trolley

Missile assembly jig

Equipment of Topol road-mobile missile system

Self-contained launcher

Alert support vehicle (ASV)

Combat escort vehicle (CEV)

Hangar/depot flatcar (HDF)

Ground equipment of transportable space missile systems

Start launching facility

Start-1.2 mobile launching unit

Antenna-feeder assembly vehicle

Space missile technologies

Technologiya Obninsk-based research and production enterprise

Polymer composite materials for the space equipment

Composite constructions for MASS orbital plane

Composite constructions for launch vehicles

Composite constructions for spacecraft and space facilities

Nonorganic materials used in radio engineering hardware

Radio-transparent antenna fairings of missiles

Avtomekhanika company

Euler software complex for automated dynamic analysis of multicomponent mechanical systems

Use of euler software complex in space missile equipment

Simulation of launch of Rokot launch vehicle

Simulation of launch of a SLV of the Angara family

Simulation of operation of stabilization system of Breeze-M booster

Simulation of process of unfolding of solar batteries of Yamal-200 communication satellite

Analysis of dynamic characteristics of International Space Station (ISS)

Simulation of transfer of missile from transport ship to sea-based launch platform (Sea Launch project)

Simulation of process of separation of MASS-D orbital plane from carrier aircraft

Moscow research institute of instrument making

Space radar systems

Onboard all-weather radar reconnaissance complex

Synthetic aperture space radars EKOR-A and EKOR-A1

Corund double-frequency onboard radar complex

Corsar high-resolution space radar

Equipment and technologies of users of satellite navigation systems

Navigation equipment

SN-3103 Breeze-PL navigation receiver

SN-3101 Breeze-K navigation receiver

SN-3001 Breeze-N navigation receiver

SN-3022 navigation receiver

SN-3301 navigation receiver

SN-3601 Breeze-GP navigation receiver

Navigation transducers

Standard time and frequency transducers

SNS GLONASS/GPS SN-3510 control/correction station of maritime differential subsystem

Frequency/time synchronization equipment

SN-3831 NAVIOR-MV frequency/time synchronization device

SN-3836 synchronization device

Special signal simulation equipment

Satellite navigation system signal simulators

Russian federal nuclear center "Academician Ye.I. Zababakhin research institute of technical physics"

Danger of space collisions and protection of earth

Space-based Earth protection system

Collision prevention technologies

Testing of space missile equipment. Preparation to piloted flights

Testing of space missile equipment

1st state test spaceport of the RF Ministry of Defense

Main lines of activity

Testing new samples of combat missiles

Launches of launch vehicles

Implementation of international cooperation programs

Scientific activity

2nd state test spaceport of the RF Ministry of Defense

5th state test spaceport of the RF Ministry of Defense

Main lines of activity

Launches of launch vehicles and intercontinental ballistic missiles

Launches of spacecraft and orbital stations

Implementation of international cooperation programs

Scientific activity

Preparation to piloted flights

Yu.A. Gagarin Russian state research test center for training of cosmonauts

Cosmonauts training system

Cosmonauts training facilities

Technical means for training cosmonauts

Trainers for cosmonauts

Complex of trainers for training ?osmonauts under the ISS program

Technical means for simulation of space flight factors