Electronic version of the book “Nuclear Weapons Complex”, the Volume 14 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2007.1eng.

Electronic version of the book "Control, Communication and Radio Electronic Warfare Systems", the Volume 13 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2006.1 eng.

“The Flagship of Shipborne Radar Systems” came off the press.

A electronic version of the book ”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects” went on sale (v.2012.2eng).

”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects”, a book dedicated to the 300th anniversary of state-run weapon making in Tula. The edition was published with the support from V.S. Gruzdev, the governor of the Tula Region.

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Electronic versions of volumes of the "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia"

Volume 13. "Control, Communication and Radio Electronic Warfare Systems" (v.2006.1eng)

Volume 13.
38 USD

  • 2013 (2006)
  • 696 pages, Russian/English text
  • 420 models of control, communication and radio electronic warfare systems
  • 65 defense industry enterprises
  • 1250 illustrations



Importance, conditions and prospects for development of control, communication and radio electronic warfare systems in the Russian Federation Armed Forces. Yuri Baluevsky, General of the Army, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, First Deputy Minister of Defense of the RF

Development prospects for the communication system of automated control systems in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Yevgeny Karpov, Colonel General, Chief Signal Officer of the Russian Federation Armed Forces - Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces


The guidelines on development of military communication facilities and systems

Satellite communication

Special purpose satellite communication systems

USCS-1 unified satellite communication system

USCS-2 unified satellite communication system

Korund low-channel satellite communication system

Korund-M low-channel satellite communication system

Tsunami-M global naval satellite communication system

Space vehicles and satellite communication systems transponders

Molniya-1 space vehicle

Molniya-3 space vehicle

Raduga space vehicle

Raduga-1 space vehicle

Space vehicle transponders

Complexes of satellite communication stations

R-440 complex of satellite communication stations

R-441 complex of satellite communication stations

R-439 complex of satellite communication stations

R-438, R-438M manpack radio stations

USCS-2 system complex of shipborne satellite communication stations

Complex of satellite communication stations for submerged submarines

USCS-2 system complex of aircraft satellite communication stations system

Command-and-staff vehicles and combined radio stations

Complex of communication and command vehicles of the Ground Forces

R-149BMR command-and-staff-vehicle

R-145BM command-and-staff vehicle

BMP-1KShT command-and-staff vehicle

BMP-1KSh command-and-staff vehicle

BTR-50PU (BTR-50PUM) command-and-staff vehicle

BMD-1KSh command-and-staff vehicle

MP-21 command-and-staff vehicle

MP-31 command-and-staff vehicle

R-142N, R-142NM, R-142-NMR command-and-staff vehicles

R-125B1, R-125B2 combined radio stations

Field communication centers equipment vehicles

P-178-1, P-178-2 dial telephony equipment vehicles

P-238 TK telegraph secure communication equipment vehicle

P-537 UM-K mobile communication equipment vehicle

P-238 TK1 telegraph secure communication equipment vehicle

P-244 TN telephone secure communication equipment vehicle

Communication and control facilities

Tactical control link

Common automated battle management system of combined arms and support bodies in tactical link

R-168E Akveduk SW-USW radio communication complex

R-168-0.1UE, R-168-0.1U(M)E, R-168-0.1U(M)1E

portable radio sets

R-168-0.5UE, R-168-0.5U(M)E, R-168-0.5U(D)E,

R-168-0.5USE portable radio sets

R-168-5UNE, R-168-5KNE carried radio sets and R-168-5UN(1)E carried-mobile radio set

R-168-5UTE car radio set

R-168-5UVE, R-168-25UE, R-168-100UE, R-168-100UFE USW band mobile radio sets (for Navy)

R-168-5KVE, R-168-100KBE, R-168-100KKE

SW band mobile radio sets

R-168-5MKM, R-168-25MKM, R-168-100MKM

Akveduk-MKM radio sets

R-168KKZP radio set

R-168MP market transmitter

R-168PP search receiver

R-168-0.5U(R)E retransmitter

R-163 Arbalet radio communication complex

R-163-1U, R-163-0.5R portable radio sets

R-163-2.5U radio set

R-163-1KM radio set

R-163-1V radio set

R-163-10V radio set

R-163-50U radio set for combat vehicles

R-169 Granit mobile complex of radio communication facilities

R-169-4B (R-169-4BM) base four-channel station

R-169V (R-169VM) mobile subscribtion radio set

R-169NM carried subscribtion radio set

R-169TM thru-terminal commutator

R-169PSM paging base station Duet, R-169P-1, R-169P-1(M), Granit R-43 portable USW radio sets

R-173M radio station

R-173PM radio set

R-171M radio station

R-143 radio station

R-134M radio station

R-159, R-159M radio stations

R-105M radio station

Operative and tactical, operative, strategic management levels

The Armed Forces' field automated communication system

Mobile system of facilities for ultrashort wave high-altitude lifting aerial and feeder surface wave system

Mobile HF-VHF automated adaptive communication block

R-161BM radio station

R-161MB1 and R-161MB2 radio stations

R-161A2M radio station

R-161 high and medium power motor car automated radio stations facility

R-161 motor car automated one-band HF-VHF front network radio stations facility

R-165B HF radio station

R-165-KA-01 Arbalet-500KA motor vehicle telephone and telegraph HF radio station

PKM-20M transmitter

R-164-5 (BYa-11) HF transmitter

R-140 motor car single-band HF radio station

R-160P radio set

Radio relay and tropospheric communication

R-415 N radio relay station

R-414-03 multi-channel radio relay station

R-419A radio relay station

R-419C radio relay station

R-401, R-401M radio relay stations

R-404 radio relay station

R-405 radio relay station

R-406 radio relay station

R-423-2A mobile interference-proof troposphere communication station

R-410 troposphere multi-channel station

Information protection devices

R-168MVE technical voice information camouflage device

R-168MA (5) E technical voice information camouflage device

R-023 voice technical camouflage devices

R-168MTs telephone headset assembly

Communication cables and multiplex equipment

P-296M light field communication cable

P-274M light field communication cable

OK-SR optical communication cable

P-330-6 multiplex equipment

P-330-24-0 multiplex equipment

Type P-331 unified system of equipment suggesting digital transmission system with temporary channel separation

Terminal devices

Telegraph sets

ATT-4 multi-functional terminal

ETI-94 electronic telegraph instrument

RETS-95 electronic telegraph signal multiplicato

P-115 electronic automated roll printer telegraph with five-digit code

P-116 electronic automated roll printer telegraph with five-digit code

RTA-7M1 roll start/stop electronic and mechanical five-digit code telegraph

Fianit item

Facsimile machines

P-111fax machine

P-112 fax machine

Telephone sets

P-193M2 telephone switchboard

P-209IM-10/20-S1 switchboard

TK-88 telephone set

KT-3031 telephone set

P-171D telephone set

P-172 field telephone set

Plitka-? unified telephone set

Plitka-P unified noise-resistant telephone set

TK-57 (TK-57-U) telephone set

Information and data transmission devices

Pancir-S1 automated communications system

Tuf-BE data and speech information transmission system

P-168-PD data transmission device

GUPS-420, UPS-420 signal transformation devices

Long-distance communication adapter

15E1331 uniform fast communication terminal data equipment system

R-098-3 fast data communication device

STK data encoding sub-block

Pereval-5M fast data communication device

Warning systems and commutation facilities

P-161M RMM-8 warning system

P-166 hardware outfit

Set of BKV-PS equipment

KSS-3, KSS-16, KSS-32 official and loudspeaker communication equipment

Power plants and power supply equipment for communications devices

Basic power supply system (Basic PSS)

ED 2?16-T400-1 ?KS uniform mobile diesel power station

ED 2?30-T400-1VAS power station

E-351BrM electric power station

PZU-31M1A portable charging unit

PZU-6 (PZU-6-1) portable charging unit

UZPA-1, UZPA-1R, UZPA-1RS portable automatic single-channel charging units

UZM small-size charging units

UPM small-size portable trickle chargers

Control automation tools

Automated control systems

Special-purpose geographically distributed automated control system

Multi-level information and control real-time systems

Automated control system "Akatsia"

Automated communication control system (ACCS)

Standard workstations for command posts and controls

Telecommunication networks and equipment

Protected real-time data exchange telecommunication network (DE PTN)

Operative command communication with VoIP and video conference


Controlling subsystem of the NSNF as the basic component of the naval control and communication system

Control systems

Automated control systems for the Navy

Combat information control systems of surface ships and submarines

Morye (Morye-U) system of mutual information exchange between the ships of the organization with information digital process

MVU-211 combat information control system

Omnibus combat information control systems

MVU-133 combat information control system

Trebovanye-M combat information control system

Automatized communication systems

Automatized communication systems for surface ships and submarines

R-780 automated communication system

R-782-5KE automated communication system

Workstation on panel UO-12 base

Buran-6E automated communication system

Workstation of Buran-6E ACS

Ruberoid automated communication system

Workstation of duty operator

P-492 communications terminal

Multifunctional communication terminal for surface ships

Control unit of channelizing equipment (CUCE)

Multifunctional digital switchboard

P-450 switching equipment for surface ship radio communication means

Uninterrupted power supply source (UPS)

R-785 automated communication system

Antey very long wave radio center

Radio communications

R-792 Krystall-BK centimetric-wave satellite communication station

R-793 Pritsep low-channel ship-borne centimetric-wave satellite communication station

R-638-2 automated transistor transmitter

R-638-3 automated transistor transmitter

R-638-3-4 automated transistor transmitter

Kompas onboard transistor HF transmitter

R-631 short-wave radio transmitter

R-632ML short-wave radio transmitter

R-634 short-wave radio transmitter

R-635 short-wave radio transmitter

R-636 short-wave radio transmitter

R-774 DSK Skalyar-DSK set of radio receivers of LW, MW, SW, VHF ranges

Skalyar-S radio receiver

Skalyar-O radio receiver

R-170P Artek-Gelios radio receiver

R-788-1 Rodon SW-VHF range launcher

R-680 radio receiver

R-682 radio receiver

R-683 radio receiver

R-625 radio set

Emergency radio stations R-608N, R-608P

Communications sonar systems


Command systems and communication complexes

Air control posts system of the RF Armed Forces

Components of the ACP system of the RF Armed Forces

Multifunctional integrated communication, navigation and identification system

Type communication complex for airplanes, helicopters

Upgrade communication complex for military airplanes and helicopters

Standard airborne communications system for helicopters and aircraft

Ground-based air communications complexes

Prima-NUS air communication mobile ground omplex

On-board and ground-based communication means

R-805K1, R-805K2, R-805K3 on-board radio sets and R-888 radio receiver

R-805K1, R-805K2 and R-805K3 unified airborne decametric-band radio sets

R-888 decametric-band onboard radio receiver

R-805KMZ-03 airborne radio station

R-842M1 on-board radio set

R-862M, R-863M airborne radio stations

Yadro-1 airborne radio station

R-864 (A, B, V, G, Ye) on-board radio sets

R-864 (L-A, L-G, L-D, L-I) on-board radio sets

R-864 (L-Ye, L-Zh) on-board radio sets

R-800L1E and R-800L2E on-board communication radio sets

R-833B on-board transmitting receiving radio set

Bekas-01, Bekas-02, Bekas-07 airborne radio stations for MF- DMF bands

Bozon-2MM airborne radio station for HF-band

Prima-KV on-board short-wave radio set

R-855K1, R-855K1U emergency radio stations

R-855A1-01 survival radio set

R-997-1, R-997-2 ground radio stations for airborne VHF radio communication

ARO-28S voice message equipment

Almas-UPM voice message equipment

Communication and data transmission module CDTM

Interphone and voice message equipment module

SGU-600 annunciation/passenger address system

SPU-34 airborne interphone system

SPGU-35 audio, interphone and passenger address system

R-855-K2 emergency wireless beacon

ARB-PK (10) emergency wireless beacons


Control posts and communication centers

RIUS-1 Russian-Italian communications center

Barsuk mobile communication center

Mobile communication center of Russia's Ministry of Iinternal Affairs

Mobile control post of the EMERCOM of Russia

Message batch transmission system for communication centers

Receiving equipment room

Satellite communication

Gonets multifunctional personal satellite communication system

Spacecraft of Gonets series

Sadko Russian regional satellite mobile communication system

Ruslan-RS satellite communication system

Ruslan-MM small-size communication satellite

Spacecraft and repeaters of satellite communication systems

Gorizont spacecraft

Spacecraft of Express series

Spacecraft of Luch series

GALS spacecraft

Ekran-M spacecraft

Yamal satellite communication and broadcasting system

Yamal-200 new-generation communication and broadcasting satellites

Combined Internet access system

Terminal peripheral transmitting device

17R514 on-board repeater complex

Multiservice on-board digital platform

Geolog-M portable satellite communication station

Mobile radio-telephone communication

Mobile communication complex made on the basis of Radiy equipment

Trunk-ONIIP trunked communication system

LESKO mobile radio-telephone communication system

Aquatoria VHF radio-telephone communication complex

Aquatoria 2.4 portable VHF FM radio set

AQUA radio set

Communication and navigation

GLONASS space navigation system

GLONASS spacecraft

Nadezhda spacecraft

ARB-MKS (ARB-MKS-01), ARB-M-406 Afalina seaborne emergency radio buoys

Integrated information-navigation system

Operational mobile group control system

Vehicle monitoring and control information-navigation system

Vehicular navigation-communication terminal of satellite navigation systems GLONASS/GPS with GSM Marker-GNSS communication channel

Kotlin NT-101 vehicular receiving equipment of satellite navigation systems GLONASS/GPS

1K-161 (first generation) navigation receiver of satellite systems GLONASS/GPS

K-161 navigation/time receiver of GLONASS/GSP satellite systems

PS-161 synchronizing receiver of satellite systems GLONASS/GPS

Tie-in equipment

Unified time system synchronization equipment

On-board synchronizing coordinate/time device

Synchronization device

RFS-2001 gas-cell-based small-size rubidium frequency standard

A-248 gas-cell-based small-size rubidium frequency standard

Fianit cesium atomic beam frequency and time standard

Frequency and time intervals analyzer

Oka on-board system controller

Azimuth navigational equipment for ground-based mobile objects

Departmental and corporate communications

Alfa-160/450 digital-analog radio communication complex

Orlan-85ST onboard transmitter/receiver radio set

Radio sets of YuROK series

YuROK onboard VHF radio set

YuROK-A car radio set

YuROK-N stationary radio set

Complex of ground air field means of radio communication of Polet-M1 series

Zarya-TM compact hand sets for transmission of telemetric information

Radio sets of Zarya series for radiotelephone communication

Serdolik short-wave communication system

Sapfir (Serdolik PRM-B) automated short-wave radio receiving device

Serdolik PRD-20 short-wave transmitter

Shel'f equipment of underwater electromagnetic communication

Biryuza radio set

Ohta, Ohta-M, Ametist portable radio sets

PT-100, PV-100 receiver-transmitter devices

PAR-10 driving aerodrome radio sets

Adaptive automatic short-wave radio sets

Akveduk-5KNE, Akveduk-5KNVE, Akveduk-100KNVE, Akveduk-400KNVE general purpose radio sets of short-wave band

Akveduk-5UNE, Akveduk-5UNVE Akveduk-50UNVE VHF band general purpose radio sets

Angara-1 short-wave radio set

Angara-5 (Angara-5M) short-wave radio set

Granit R-23U (Sakvoyazh) quick-erecting radio network complex

Granit R-25-S, Granit R-23-S, Granit V-S stationary radio sets

Granit R-25, Granit R-23, Granit V mobile radio sets

Granit 2R-23 mobile radio set

Granit R-23 ATs, Granit R-23 ATs-01 data transmission systems

Granit portable radio sets

Severok-K portable radio set

Kvarts short-wave portable radio set

Super-flexible aerials for portable radio sets

Digital radio relays

Luch-M radio relays of millimeter wave band

Interval-37 micro radio relays of millimeter wave band

Element base of communication equipment

Reporting, commutation and transmission facilities

Nabat multipurpose platform for communication and transmission systems

Proton-SSS digital ATS of Almaz series

Proton-SSS digital ATS of Vektor series

Kvant-E digital commutation system

Fiber-optic and atmospheric links

Fiber-optic communication system

SLA-10M Iris aerial laser system

Aerial optical communication line


The development state and prospects for radio electronic warfare systems and complexes

Ground-based means of radio electronic warfare

R-330K automated control station

R-330K-01 automated control station

R-330KMB mobile automated control station

R-378A anti SW communications automated jamming station

R-378B anti SW communications automated jamming station

R-330B anti VHF communications automated jamming station

R-330T anti VHF communications automated jamming station

R-325U anti SW communications automated jamming station

RP-330A-RM1 spot electronic countermeasures set receiver

R-934B computer-aided electronic countermeasures set

AKUP-1 ground-based electronic countermeasures control system

Mobile automated electronic countermeasures system

SPN-2 high-power ground-based jamming station

SPN-3 high-power ground-based jamming station

SPN-4 high-power ground-based jamming station

SPN-30 upgraded jamming station

Modernized type SPN-40 active jamming station

TOSP-248 trainer for operators of SPN-2 and SPN-4 jammers

Pelena-1 high-power ground-based jamming system

Ground-based system for jamming the radars of hostile surveillance and strike systems

Ground-based low-power jamming transmitter system

Topol-E ground-based electronic countermeasures set

Gazetchik-E system of radar protection against antiradar missiles

SPR-2 system for jamming radio fuzes for artillery munitions

RP-377 UVM1, RP-377 UVM2 and RP-377 UVM3 small-size portable and transportable jammers

Atlant small-size high-speed wide-range radio monitoring and jamming equipment

152-mm 3RB30-1-8 SW and USW jamming artillery kits

122-mm SW and USW jamming artillery kits

122-mm 9M519 SW and USW electronic countermeasures unguided rocket-assisted projectile

Purga portable rocket system

ATO-40 reconditioned maintenance equipment vehicles

Konsol mobile maintenance and repair station

Ship (sea)-based means of radio electronic warfare

Ship-borne electronic warfare systems

TK-25E electronic countermeasures system

MP-401S, MS ship-borne integrated electronic situation presenting and jamming system

MP-405 ship-borne electronic situation presenting and jamming system

MP-407 ship-borne electronic suppressor system

PK-2 ship-borne decoy dispensing system

PK-10 120-mm ship-borne decoy dispenser system

PK-16 82-mm ship-borne decoy dispenser system

140-mm spin-stabilized jamming missiles for PK-2 ship-borne system

120-mm rounds for PK-10 ship-borne system

82-mm spin-stabilized jamming missiles for PK-16 ship-borne system

Podzagolovok-23 basic system of the integrated safeguard of the ship-borne radio-technical facilities against cross-jamming

Submarine self-defense special-purpose system

MG-74ME self-propelled multifunction device of sonar countermeasures

Berilliy-E self-propelled multi-purpose automatically controlled device of sonar countermeasures

Tunets self-propelled device hidro acoustic suppression of homing torpedoes

Sprut drifting device of hydro acoustic suppression of homing torpedoes

Zmei towed device of hydro acoustic suppression of homing torpedoes

Air means of radio electronic warfare

Mi-17PG ECM helicopter

Stroi-PM pilotless airborne jamming complex

Moshkara VHF remote jamming complex

Moshkarets remote jamming complex

L175V ECM complex

Kedr small-size digital ECM complex

Kolchuga on-board helicopter protection complex

Omul ECM system for protection of frontline aircraft

Gardenia 1FUE jamming station for individual-mutual protection of frontline aircraft

L005-S active jamming station

MSP-418K small-size jamming station

Container-type active jamming stations

Zashchita-IK optical-electronic suppression station

ADROS-KT-01AVYe optical-electronic suppression station

Prospective expendable airborne individual protection means for aircraft

Bliznets active ejected decoy

Blesk active towed decoy

Blesna active towed decoy

Active towed radar decoy

UV-26 dispenser

UV-3A dispenser

Family of L-150 radar illumination warning stations

Automated hardware-software complex

Anti-ballistic missile system countermeasures techniques

Anti-ballistic missile system countermeasures techniques

Antimissile defense countermeasures systems

Warheads concealment means

Balloon decoys


Dummy targets

Active jamming stations


Radio, electronic intelligence and monitoring assets

1L222 Avtobaza ground-based electronic intelligence system

85V6-A Vega electronic intelligence system

Orion automatic mobile electronic intelligence station

85V6-V 3-D electronic intelligence system

Okhota electronic environment monitoring automated station

MKTK-1 combined-arms purpose information protection effectiveness radio- and electronic and special control mobile automated complex

HF frequency range radio emission control complex

VHF frequency range radio emission control complex

Automobile direction-finding equipment using a phase interferometry method in VHF range

Kolchuga electronic intelligence station

Strekoza unmanned aircraft intelligence complex

Anti-radiation missile controller (ARM-controller)


Federal state unitary enterprises

Signal Corps Marshall A.I. Belov 16th

Central Research Test Institute of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense

Bryansk Electromechanical Plant


Moscow Scientific-Research Radio Technical Institute

Engineering Research and Production Association

"Gradient" All-Russian Research Institute

"Svyaz" Hardware-Software Systems State Design Bureau

Kaluga Research Institute for Telemechanical Equipment

Ryazan State Instrument Plant

Kaluga Radio Engineering Research Institute

"Neptun" Research Institute of Automated Communication Systems and Complexes

Academician V.S. Semenikhin Automatic Equipment Scientific Research Institute

Concern "Systemprom"

Research Institute for Communications and Control Systems

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Research and Production Association of Applied Mechanics

Research Institute "Ekran"

"Impuls" Scientific-Production Association

"Orion" Scientific-Production Association

Research and Production Enterprise "Polyot"

"Vigstar" Research and Production Center

"Kant" Research and Production Enterprise

Omsk Research Institute of Instrument Building

"Irtysh" Omsk Production Association

"Pribor" Rostov Plant

St. Petersburg Marine Design Bureau "Malachite"

"Quant" Production Association

Taganrog Research Institute of Communications

"Gidropribor" Central Scientific-and-Research Institute

Central Design Bureau of Automatics

"Kurs" Central Scientific-Research Institute

Academician A.I. Berg Central Research Radio

Engineering Institute

Joint stock companies

"Sigma" Scientific Production Firm

"SeverEVMcomplex" Research Institute for Automation Problems

"Spetz-Radio" Research and Production Enterprise



RIO Design Construction Bureau

Azov Optomechanical Plant

"Etalon" All-Russian Research Institute

Gorky-based A.S. Popov Communication Equipment Plant

Vladimir Design Bureau of Radiocommunications

Group of Enterprises Izevsk Radio Plant


Institute of Applied Physics

Machine Building Design Bureau

Radio Equipment Plant

Concern "Morinformsistema - Agat"

Concern "OceanPribor"

Integrated Structure Concern "Sozvezdie"

Corporation - "Electrosignal" Novosibirsk Plant


Moscow Radio Communication Research Institute

"Altair" Maritime Radio Electronics Research Institute

Radio Manufacturing Plant Named after A.S. Popov (RELERO)

FRPC "Mars" Research and Production Association

Tambov Radio Engineering Scientific-Research

Institute "Efir"

Russian Institute of High-Power Radio Engineering, "Priboy" Plant

Tambov Plant "Oktyabr"

Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time

Yaroslavl Radio Manufacturing Plant

Sarapul Radio Manufacturing Plant

Research and Production Enterprise "Prima"

Research and Production Design Center "Novik-XXI Century"

Training and education of specialists

State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "S.M. Budenny Military Communications Academy of the RF Ministry of Defense"