Electronic version of the book “Nuclear Weapons Complex”, the Volume 14 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2007.1eng.

Electronic version of the book "Control, Communication and Radio Electronic Warfare Systems", the Volume 13 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2006.1 eng.

“The Flagship of Shipborne Radar Systems” came off the press.

A electronic version of the book ”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects” went on sale (v.2012.2eng).

”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects”, a book dedicated to the 300th anniversary of state-run weapon making in Tula. The edition was published with the support from V.S. Gruzdev, the governor of the Tula Region.

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Encyclopedia "Russia’s Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia"

Volume 10 — "Aircraft Armament and Avionics"

Volume 10 — "Aircraft Armament and Avionics"
60 USD

  • 2004
  • 784 pages, Russian/English text
  • 487 models of aircraft weapons
  • 75 defense industry enterprises
  • 1760 illustrations

ISBN: 5-93799-016-1



Guided weapons

Guided weapons





Aircraft Armament and Avionics - Key Components of Technological Efficiency of Russia's Air Force

Priority Tasks in the Field of Creation of Aircraft Armament

Guided weapons

Guided missiles

Air-to-Air Missiles

R-33E long-range missile

R-23 medium-range missile (versions R-23T and R-23R)

R-24 medium-range missile (versions R-24T and R-24R)

R-27 medium-range missile (versions R-27T, R-27ET, R-27R and R-27ER)

R-40D1 medium-range missile (versions R-40RD1 and R-40TD1)

R-98M medium-range missile (versions R-98MR and R-98MT)

RVV-AE medium-range missile

Prospective RAA-AE-PD missile

R-13M1 short-range missile

Short-range missiles R-60 and R-60M

R-73K short-range missile

Air-to-Surface Missiles

Kh-55 cruise missile

Kh-55SM cruise missile

Kh-22 cruise missile (variants Kh-22N, Kh-22NA, Kh-22MP)

Kh-15 aeroballistic missile

Kh-66 short-range missile

Kh-23 short-range missile

Kh-25ML short-range modular missile

Air-launched guided missiles S-25L and S-25LD

S-25R air-launched guided missile with radar homing head

Short-range missiles Kh-29T and Kh-29TD

Kh-29L short-range missile

Kh-59 cruise missile

Kh-59ME cruise missile

Ugroza (Threat) weapon system made on the basis of unguided rockets S-8, S-13 and S-24

Kh-27 (Kh-27PS) anti-radar missile

Kh-25MP anti-radar missile

Kh-25MPU anti-radar missile

Kh-31P high-velocity anti-radar missile

Kh-58E anti-radar cruise missile

Kh-58UShE anti-radar missile with wide-band PRHH

Kh-15S anti-ship aeroballistic missile

Kh-31A high-velocity medium-range anti-ship missile

Kh-35E tactical anti-ship missile

Kh-59MK increased-range cruise missile

Kh-65SE anti-ship cruise missile

3M-80E anti-ship cruise missile

Yakhont supersonic cruise missile

APR-1 air-launched anti-submarine missile

APR-2E air-carried anti-submarine missile

APR-2ME upgraded air-launched anti-submarine missile

APR-3E air-launched anti-submarine missile

APR-3ME ugraded air-launched anti-submarine missile

Homing Heads

9B-1348E radar homing head

9B-1388 radar homing head

9B-1103M Dia. 200 and 350 mm improved radar homing heads

Slanets increased-range active radar homing head

ARGS-14E radar homing head

ARGS-35E radar homing head

ARGS-54E radar homing head

Active radar homing head for Kh-31A guided missile

Set of passive radar homing heads L-111E, L-112E, L-113E

Monopulse homing head for Yakhont supersonic cruise missile

36T infrared homing head

24N1 laser homing head

27N laser homing head

27NM laser homing head

UA-96 infrared homing head

MK-80 infrared homing head

MM-2000 new-generation infrared homing head

TV homing head

Helicopter-borne missile systems

Antitank Missile Systems

Falanga-M antitank missile system

Falanga-PV antitank missile system

Upgraded antitank guided missile 9M17M2 Scorpion

Malyutka airborne antitank missile system

Malyutka-2 antitank missile system

Shturm-V airborne antitank missile system

Shturm antitank guided missile

Ataka guided missile

Vikhr-M guided weapon system

Helicopter-Carried Air-Defense Missile Systems

9K310 Igla-1 multipurpose air-defense missile system

9K38 Igla multipurpose air-defense missile system

Igla-S multipurpose air-defense missile system

Set of control equipment and launching modules strelets

Corrected air bombs

KAB-500Kr corrected air bomb

KAB-500-OD corrected air bomb

KAB-500Kr-E corrected air bomb

KAB-500L corrected air bomb

KAB-500LG corrected air bomb

KAB-500S-E corrected satellite-guided air bomb

Corrected air bombs KAB-1500Kr, KAB-1500Kr-Pr, KAB-1500Kr-OD

KAB-1500L-F corrected air bomb

KAB-1500L-Pr corrected air bomb

Corrected air bombs KAB-1500LG-F-E,

KAB-1500LG-Pr-E, KAB-1500LG-OD-E with a laser gyro-stabilized homing head

LGB-250 corrected air bomb

KAB-250-100 Zagon-1 (S3V) ASW corrected air bomb

KAB-500Kr-UPK and KAB-500Kr-UNU target detection equipment

KAB-500Kr-U training corrected air bomb

Guided weapons

Unguided air bombs

General-Purpose Bombs

FAB-9000 M-54 high-explosive bomb

FAB-5000 M-54 high-explosive bomb

FAB-3000 M-54 high-explosive bomb

FAB-1500 M-54 high-explosive bomb

FAB-1500 T high-explosive bomb

FAB-1500-2500TS high-explosive bomb

FAB-500 M-62 high-explosive bomb

FAB-500 M-62 high-explosive bomb with gliding and corrective module (GCM)

FAB-500 M-54 high-explosive bomb

FAB-500T high-explosive bomb

FAB-500ShN high-explosive bomb

FAB-500ShL high-explosive bomb

FAB-250 TS high-explosive bomb

FAB-250 M-54 high-explosive bomb

FAB-250 M-62 high-explosive bomb

OFAB-500ShR high-explosive fragmentation bomb

OFAB-500U universal high-explosive fragmentation bomb

OFAB-250T high-explosive fragmentation bomb

OFAB-250ShN high-explosive fragmentation bomb

OFAB-250ShL high-explosive fragmentation bomb

OFAB-250-270 high-explosive fragmentation bomb

OFAB-100-120 high-explosive/fragmentation bomb

OFAB-100-120M high-explosive/fragmentation bomb with ready submunitions (upgraded OFAB-100-120 bomb)

ZB-500ShM incendiary container

ZB-500GD incendiary container

ZB-500RT incendiary container

ZAB-250-200 incendiary bomb

ZAB-100-105 incendiary bomb

FZAB-500M universal high-explosive incendiary bomb

OFZAB-500 high-explosive/incendiary/fragmentation bomb

ODAB-500 PM air-fuel explosive bomb

ODAB-500 PMV air-fuel explosive bomb

BETAB-500 concrete-piercing bomb

BETAB-500ShP concrete-piercing bomb

PLAB-250-120 anti-submarine bomb Cluster Bombs

Gluster bomb loader

RBK-500U 500-kg unified cluster bomb loaded with fragmentation, HE fragmentation, concrete-piercing and anti-tank submunitions

RBK-500U OAB-2.5RT unified cluster bomb loaded with caliber 2.5 kg fragmentation submunitions

RBK-500U BETAB-M unified cluster bomb loaded with concrete-piercing submunitions

RBK-500U PTAB universal cluster bomb loaded with HEAT submunitions

RBK-500U OFAB-50UD universal cluster bomb loaded with HE fragmentation submunitions

RBK-500 SPBE-D 500-kg cluster bomb loaded with homing anti-tank submunitions provided with double spectrum IR coordinator

RBK-500 SPBE-K 500-kg cluster bomb loaded with homing anti-tank submunitions PBK-500U SPBE-K 500 kg unified gliding cluster bomb loaded with homing submunitions

RBK-500U PTAB-1M 500-kg cluster bomb loaded with HEAT submunitions

RBK-500 AO-2,5RTM 500-kg cluster bomb loaded with fragmentation submunitions

RBK-500 BETAB 500-kg cluster bomb loaded with concrete-piercing submunitions

RBK-250 ZAB-2,5M 250-kg cluster bomb loaded with 2.5-kg incendiary submunitions

RBK-500 ZAB-2,5SM 500-kg cluster bomb loaded with 2.5-kg incendiary submunitions

RBK-100 PLAB-10K cluster bomb loaded with small-caliber anti-submarine ubmunitions

Bomb Load Units for Frontline Aircraft Dispensers

KMGU-2 universal dispenser for small-size loads

BKF ODS-35 expendable air-fuel explosive unit

BKF- AO-2,5RT expendable unit loaded with 2.5-kg fragmentation bomblets

BKF PTAB-1M expendable unit loaded with 1-kg HEAT bomblets

BKF PTAB-2,5 expendable unit loaded with 2.5-kg HEAT fragmentation bomblets

Auxiliary-Purpose Bombs

SAB-250-200 flare bomb

SAB-250T heat-resistant flare bomb

DOSAB-100T heat-resistant daytime marking bomb

NOSAB-100TM heat-resistant night marking bomb

OMAB-25-12D marine marking bomb

OMAB-25-8N marine marking bomb

Special-Purpose Bombs

DAB-500 smoke bomb

FOTAB-100-80 photoflash bomb

FOTAB-100-140 heat-resistant photoflash bomb

P-50-75 practice bomb with day or night charge

P-50Sh practice bomb

P-50T practice bomb

UPLAB-50 training anti-submarine bomb

Small-caliber air-dropped depth charges MGAB-S3, MGAB-O3, MGAB-L3

AGITAB-250-85 leaflet bomb

M6 (M6T) small-size target

ASK-500 rescue container

ASP-500 airborne fire-fighting means

TBG-29V round with thermobaric warhead


Unguided Air-Launched Rockets

Unguided air-launched rockets of S-8 UALRW system

Unguided air-launched rockets of S-13 UALRW system

S-24B unguided air-launched rocket

S-25 unguided air-launched rockets

Cluster Units for Firing Unguided Airborne Rockets

B13L cluster unit

B13L1 cluster unit

B8M-1 cluster unit

B8V20-A cluster unit

B8R cluster unit

B8V7 cluster unit

Cluster units UB-16-57, UB-16-57UM, UB-57KV, UB-32A, UB-32A-24

O-25 launcher


Aircraft Guns

GSh-30 twin-barrel gun

GSh-30K twin-barrel gun

Sh-301 single-barrel gun

GSh-6-30 six-barrel gun

2A42 single-barrel automatic gun

NR-30 single-barrel gun

GSh-23 (GSh-23L) twin-barrel gun

GSh-6-23M six-barrel gun

AM-23 single-barrel gun

R-23 single-barrel gun

YakB-12.7 and YaKBYu-12.7 four-barrel machine guns

GShG-7.62 four-barrel machine gun

PKT Kalashnikov machine gun

AG-17A grenade launcher

Detachable Gun Pods

UPK-23-250 detachable gun pod

SPPU-22 detachable flexible gun pod

SPPU-6 detachable movable gun pod

Fifth Generation of Aircraft: Requirements to Avionics



Aiming-and Navigation Complexes

Aiming-and-navigation complex of Su-30MK airplane

Aiming-and-navigation complex of MiG-29SMT (MiG-29UBT) airplane

Onboard avionics complex of upgraded Mi-24PN helicopter

Onboard avionics complex of Mi-28N helicopter

Onboard avionics complex of Ka-52 helicopter

Weapons control system (WCS)

Ground-based unified complex for detailed planning of aviation actions and flight task preparation

Airborne Patrol Electronic Complexes

Morskoi Zmei search-and aiming system

SD-H Morskoi Zmei search-and-aiming system

Onboard Radars

Aircraft onboard radars of zhuk family

Zhuk aircraft onboard radar

Zhuk-ME aircraft onboard radar Zhuk-MSE aircraft onboard radar

Zhuk-MSFE aircraft onboard radar

Bars control radar system

Zaslon (RP-31) weapons control system

Sh-101 wapons control system

Sh-101 VEP weapons control system

SUV-29 complex weapons control system

Osa radar sight complex

Sh141-E electronic complex

SD1 Morskoi Zmei radar

Kopye-F aircraft onboard radar

Kopye-21I aircraft onboard radar

Kopye-M aircraft onboard radar

Kopye-A helicopter onboard radar

Arbalet radar complex

Smerch-A onboard radar

Sapfir-21 onboard radar

Sapfir-23 onboard radar

Sapfir-25 onboard radar

N001-03VP2 unit

Adyutant electronic system with Epolet phased arrays

Vidimost onboard landing radar

6231 (R) aircraft radar interrogator

Aircraft radar responders 6201R and 6202R

Antenna Systems

Pero two-band electronically controlled antenna systems

N11-01M two-band electronically controlled antenna system

Skat antenna systems

Electronically controlled polarization-reversal antenna system

Electronically controlled antenna system with waveguide distributive supply system

Electronically controlled antenna system with reflect-type optical supply

Monolithic array of electronically controlled antenna system

Slit antenna arrays

Optical-Electronic Aiming-and-Navigation Means

OEPS-27 (OLS-31Ye) optical-electronic aiming system

OLS-30I (31Ye-MK) upgraded optical-electronic aiming station

OEPS-29 optical-electronic aiming system (23S quantum optical-locating station)

23S optical-electronic aiming station (upgraded OEPS-MK)

Shkval surveillance-aiming complex

Shkval-V surveillance-aiming complex

Kaira aiming system

Sapsan-E suspended optical-electronic container

IK SPO-Z container-type round-the-clock optical-electronic system

Gyro-stabilized optical-electronic systems (GOES)

Gyro-stabilized optical-electronic systems GOES-310, GOES-320 and GOES-330

GOES-321 round-the-clock surveillance-aiming system for combat helicopters

GOES-342 round-the-clock surveillance-aiming system for combat helicopters

GOES-344 sight/aiming unit for Vikhr multifunctional inter-service complex

TOES-520 round-the clock surveillance-flight system for combat helicopters

Raduga-F surveillance-aiming system

Raduga-Sh surveillance-aiming system

Zarevo IR imaging surveillance-aiming system

TPSL-M helicopter pilot's upgraded IR imaging system

GEO-NTK3 night sighting system for Mi-8MV helicopters

GEO-NTK4 round-the-clock television system

GEO-NTK5 round-the-clock stabilized system for helicopters

OTV-124 optical-TV round-the-clock sight

LDBG1 inter-service eye-safe laser range finder

Klyon-PS laser illuminating and range finding station

Prichal laser illuminating and range finding station

Prozhektor laser optical-electronic station

L-082 airborne IR imaging direction finder

L-083 airborne IR imaging direction finder

L-136 (MAK-F) airborne IR imaging direction finder

Yauza unified helmet-mounted target designation system

NSTs-T helmet-mounted target designation system

Sura helmet-mounted target designation system

GEO-NSTsI helmet-mounted target designation and indication system

GEO-NSTsI 1 helmet-mounted round-the-clock vision, target designation and indication system

Night-vision flying goggles GEO-ONV1, GEO-ONV1-01

OVN-1 Skosok night-vision flying goggles

GEO-ONV2 night-vision flying goggles

Okhotnik image processing system

AMI-1 lighting equipment set for helicopters

Technology of pulsed adaptation of onboard lighting equipment of moving objects of military equipment to night vision devices


Reconnaissance, Early Warning and Surveillance Means

Onboard air reconnaissance complex for Su-24MR aircraft

Otkrytoye Nebo (Open sky) airborne surveillance system

Complex of aerial photographic equipment of An-30 air surveillance and photography airplane

VR-3D tactical pilotless air reconnaissance complex

Remotely controlled drones of Brat family

Pchela-1 small-size real-time field reconnaissance and surveillance complex

Bekas remotely piloted drone

A-50 early warning aircraft

E-801 onboard radar complex

RONSAR side-looking radar

Bronya metric-wave onboard radar

Aisberg-Razrez airborne two-frequency radar complex

Earth Surface monitoring complex

RKPA fixed-balloon-carried radio complex

Aerial cameras

Framing aerial cameras

A-86K aerial camera

A-87PV aerial camera

AK-108F aerial camera

Limonad-FT aerial photo-TV camera

Panoramic aerial cameras

AP-402 aerial camera

Aerial cameras AP-402M and AP-402MS

A-84 aerial camera

AP-405 aerial camera

AS-707 spectrozonal aerial camera

Aerial photographic complex for airborne surveillance system used within framework of international open sky treaty

A-84ON panoramic aerial camera

Framing aerial cameras AK-111 and AK-112

Infrared linear scanning system

Combined infrared and visible band line camera

Osen all-altitude onboard IR imaging equipment

Zima onboard IR imaging equipment

Zima-M low-altitude onboard IR imaging equipment

Pirovidikon-3 IR imager

Universal radar information presentation and processing rack

Command-information interference-protected radio link for control of aircraft and transmission of information

Onboard radio control equipment for data receiving and transmitting

Electronic Countermeasures Means

Mi-17PGE ECM helicopter

L175V ECM complex

Kedr small-size digital complex Kolchuga onboard helicopter protection complex

Stroi-PM pilotless airborne jamming complex

Moshkara VHF remote jamming complex

Moshkarets remote jamming complex

Gardeniya 1FUE jamming station for individual-mutual protection of frontline aircraft

L005-S active jamming station

Omul ECM system for protection of frontline aircraft

MSP 418K small-size jamming station

Container-type active jamming stations

Zashchita IK optical-electronic suppression station

ADROS-KT-01AVYe optical-electronic suppression station

Prospective expendable airborne individual protection means for aircraft

Active towed radar decoy

UV-26 dispenser

UV-3A dispenser

Radar Warning Station (Article L-150)

Automated Hardware-Software Complex

Communication Means

Air control posts system of RF armed forces

Components of the ACP system of RF armed forces

Multifunctional integrated communication, navigation and identification system

Type communications complex for airplanes and helicopters

Upgraded communications complex for military airplanes and helicopters

Ground-based air communications complexes

Onboard radio sets R-805K1, R-805K2, R-805K3 and radio receiver R-888

R-842M1 onboard radio set

Yadro-1 onboard radio set

Onboard radio sets R-864 A, B, V, G, Ye

Onboard radio sets R-864L-A, L-G, L-D, L-I

Onboard radio sets R-864L-Ye, L-Zh

Onboard communication radio sets R-800L1E and R-80L2E

R-833B onboard transmitting-receiving radio set

Prima-KV onboard short-wave radio set

R-855A1-01 survival radio set

Family of ground-based radio sets R-997-1 and R-997-2

ARO-28S voice message equipment

Almaz-UPM voice message equipment

Communications and data transmission module (CDTM)

Interphone and voice message equipment module

MS-8 interphone and voice message equipment module

SGU-600 annunciation/passenger address system

SPU-34 airborne interphone system

SPGU-35 audio, interphone and passenger address system


Flight-Navigation Complexes

PNK-10-02 flight-navigation complex

PNK-10PU flight-navigation complex

PNK-10K-01 flight-navigation complex

PNK-10M flight-navigation complex

PNK-37DM flight-navigation complex of Ka-31RLD helicopter

Multifunctional integrated avionics complex of Ka-60U helicopter

Navigation and electronic indication complexes KNEI-8 and KNEI-24

SRNK-21DV satellite radio navigation complex

INS-2000 inertial navigation system

INS-2000-1 inertial navigation system

BINS-1 platform-free inertial navigation system

ISS-1 inertial navigation system

IIB inertial measuring unit

SBKV-2V platform-free directional and vertical gyro system

SBKV-85 platform-free directional and vertical gyro system

SBKV-95 platform-free directional and vertical gyro system

TKS-P precise compass system

802 directional and vertical gyro

Ts-050 information complex

Ts-060 information complex

Ts-060K inertial complex

Ts-061K inertial complex

A-317 aircraft-carried short-range radio navigation, landing and collision avoidance equipment

A-324 aircraft-carried close-range radio navigation, landing and collision avoidance equipment

A-737 airborne receiver-indicator

A-723 airborne long-range navigation receiver-indicator

Altitude-speed information complexes IK VSP-2-10-1 and IK VSP-2-10U-1

SPKR-85 critical flight condition warning system

SOS-2-1 (SOS-2-1U) limiting signals system

SOS-3/var (SOS-3M/var) signal limiting system

Meteorological radars Gukol-1 and Gukol-2

The Integrated Safety Assurance and Flight Control Complex

Aircraft Control Means

KSU-821 complex control system

Automatic control systems SAU-6M1, series 3, SAU-8 and SAU-10-01, series 2

SAU-10M-03 automatic control system

SAU-10K automatic control system

SAU-10V automatic control system

SAU-10M automatic control system

Automatic control systems SAU-451, SAU-451-05SMT, and SAU-155MP-03

Remote control systems SDU-10S (SDU-10U, SDU-10M2)

Remote control systems SDU-10MK, SDU-10K, SDU-10M2-01

Remote control systems SDU-10M2, SDU-10MK-BR, SDU-427

Electric remote control systems SDU-915 and SDU-915 OVT

EDSU-200 electric remote control system

KA-142 complex

KSU-A complex control system for ANSAT helicopter

Control systems for air-carried missiles and corrected air bombs

9V-2120 flight control system (autopilot)

SU-601 flight control system (autopilot)

MVS-4 specialized computer

Automatic Radio Compasses

Automatic radio compasses ARK-15M, ARK-19, ARK-22 and ARK-25

ARK-15M automatic radio compass

ARK-19 automatic radio compass

ARK-22 automatic radio compass

ARK-25 automatic radio compass

ARK-U2 automatic radio compass

ARK-UD automatic radio compass

A-311 item

Radio Altimeters

A-031 low-altitude radio altimeter

A-034 low-altitude radio altimeter

A-035 low- and medium-altitude pulse radio altimeter

A-036 low-altitude radio altimeter

A-037 low-altitude radio altimeter

A-040-01 small-size airborne radio altimeter

A-052 radio altimeter

A-053 radio altimeter

A-063 high-altitude pulse radio altimeter

A-075 low- and high-altitude pulse radio altimeter

A-076 radio altimeter system for measuring altitude, ground speed and drift angle

RVE radio altimeter

A-069 radio altimeter


Onboard Digital Computers and Computer Systems

Technologies for joint application

Multifunctional onboard computer complex

Family of intercouplers

Complex of built-in computing facilities (248 kvvs)

Onboard digital computers EA2164, EA2165

Onboard digital computers Ts100, Ts101 and Ts102

A-50 onboard digital computer

A-30 onboard digital computer

Argon-15 onboard digital computer

Product line of onboard digital computers BTsVM 80-40XXX

Product line of onboard digital computers BTsVM 90-50XXX

Product line of onboard digital computers BTsVM 90-60XXX

Onboard digital computer made on the basis of 486DX4 processor

Signal digital computer

Family of Baget-53 onboard computers

Baget-54 onboard digital computer

A-313 YeU1.247.199-13 onboard digital computer

A-313, Type LR-15 onboard digital computer (two-cabin version)

Family of BTsVM-486 onboard digital computers

Ts181F onboard digital computer

MVS-8 specialized computer

BGS-3 onboard graphics station

Multifunctional input/output device

Onboard reprogrammable memory unit

KVIN-17 data input set

Information Presentation Means

Concept of new-generation cockpit

Common indication systems Nartsis-M and Roza

SEI-31-01 common indication system for aiming-and-navigation complexes of aircraft

MFPU multifunctional control console

Control consoles for flight-navigation complexes

MFPI-6M multifunctional console-indicator

MFI-10-7 multifunctional liquid-crystal indicator

Multifunctional liquid-crystal indicators MFI-10-6M and MFI-10-6M1

Multifunctional color indicators of Russian avionics special design bureau

Wide-angle collimator indicator (WCI)

KAI-21 airborne collimator indicator

IKSh-1M collimator wide-format indicator

Flight Information Recording and Decoding Means

KARAT integrated emergency-operational flight information recording and analyzing systems

MSRP-A-02 onboard parametric information collection and processing system

Koder integrated parametric and audio information recording system

Ekran-30-23D2 (Ekran-30-60U, Ekran-30-52) common built-in checking and recording system

Ekran-30-29ME common built-in check system

RPI-2-01 onboard parametric and audio information recording device

Flight data onboard recorders Tester-M and Tester U3, series 3

Tester U3, series 3KS flight data onboard recorder

Series BUR-1-2 onboard recorders

Protected flight information onboard recorders bant-32, Bant-32-01, Bant-32-02, Bant-32-03, ZBN-Ansat, ZBN-2 and ZBN-2M

Recoverable onboard flight information recorders (Black Boxes) Bant-32KS and SBN-Karp

MLP-14-3M1 onboard recorder


Interactive automated training system for MiG aircraft

Specialized trainer for combat employment of Yak-130 aircraft

Su-33 pilot's integral trainer

Integral trainer for the crew of Mi-24 transport/combat helicopter

Stand-trainer for familiarization with information-control field (instrumentation) and visualization means

Trainers produced by R.E.T. Kronstadt company

Trainers for Mi-24/Mi-35 helicopter and respective options

Trainers for Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopter and respective options

Trainers for helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-31

Aurora software complex

Refren-N navigator's trainer


Upgrading of IL-76 aircraft

Upgraded combat-and-training aircraft L-39UBS

Upgraded helicopter Mi-24PK

Mi-26T helicopter with upgraded avionics complex

Upgraded helicopter Mi-17




Federal State Unitary Enterprises

Production association "Azov optical-mechanical plant"

Research institute "Argon"

State research and production enterprise "Bazalt"

I.I. Toropov State Engineering Design Bureau "Vympel"

Central Research Institute "Granit"

"Engineering design bureau"

Federal research and production center "Kaluga radio engineering reasearch institute"

"Design bureau of instrument making"

Federal research and production center "A.E. Nudelman design bureau of precision engineering"

"Research institute of information technologies"

Federal research and production center "Research institute of applied chemistry"

"Engineering research and production association"

Nizhni Novgorod radio engineering research institute

Research and production enterprise "Polyot"

"A.Ya. Bereznyak state engineering design bureau "Raduga"

State research and production enterprise "Region"

Federal research center "State research institute of aircraft systems"

"Central design bureau of automatics"

Production association "Urals optical-mechanical plant"

"Academican A.I. Berg central research radiotechnical institute"

Saint-Petersburg experimental design bureau "Electroavtomatika"

Research institute "Ekran"

State Unitary Enterprises

"State Ryazan-based instrument-making plant"

"Flying research center at the M.M. Gromov flight research institute"

Joint Stock Companies

Center of scientific and technological services "Dynamics"

Scientific and technical complex "Ametech"

Integrated design bureau "Russian avionics"

Research and production enterprise "System analysis"


"Pribor", experimental design bureau "Aviaavtomatika"

Moscow research and production complex "Avionika"

Moscow research institute "Agat"

Research and production complex "Geophyzika-ART 2000"

Radio engineering concern "Vega"

Federal research and production center "Research and production association "Geophyzika-NV"

"Gorky-based A.S. Popov communication equipment plant"


Federal research and production center "Institute of applied physics"

Urals electrical connectors plant "Iset"

"Krasnogorsk-based Zverev plant"

"Kovrov mechanical plant"

Research institute "Kulon"

Holding company "Leninets"

Research and production design center "Novik-XXI century"

"V.V. Tikhomirov instrument making research institute"

"Perm-based research and production instrument making company"


Limited liability company "Research and production enterprise "Prima"

"Michurinsk-based plant "Progress"

"Tactical rocket armament corporation"

"Moscow radio manufacturing plant "Temp"

"A.S. Yakovlev Experimental design bureau"

"Almetyevsk plant "Radiopribor"

Research and production enterprise "Radar-MMS"

"Radiopribor" (Kazan)

Federal research and production center "Ramenskoye instrument making design bureau"

"Ramensky instrument making plant"


"Rostov watch factory"

Production and design association "Teploobmennik"

"Urals design bureau "Detail"

"Phazotron - Research institute of radio engineering" corporation

"Cheboksary research and production instrument making enterprise "Elara"

"Vladimir-based plant "Electropribor"

"Voronezh-based plant "Electropribor"

"Tambov-based plant "Electropribor"

Government enterprise "Central design bureau "Arsenal", Ukraine

Research and production republican unitary enterprise "Ekran", Republic of Belarus