Electronic version of the book “Nuclear Weapons Complex”, the Volume 14 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2007.1eng.

Electronic version of the book "Control, Communication and Radio Electronic Warfare Systems", the Volume 13 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2006.1 eng.

“The Flagship of Shipborne Radar Systems” came off the press.

A electronic version of the book ”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects” went on sale (v.2012.2eng).

”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects”, a book dedicated to the 300th anniversary of state-run weapon making in Tula. The edition was published with the support from V.S. Gruzdev, the governor of the Tula Region.

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Encyclopedia "Russia’s Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia"

Volume 11 — "Optoelectronic and Laser Systems"

Volume 11 — "Optoelectronic and Laser Systems"
90 USD

  • 2005
  • 720 pages, Russian/English text
  • 565 models of optoelectronic and lazer weapons
  • 55 defense industry enterprises
  • 1480 illustrations

ISBN: 5-93799-020-X



Vision and sighting devices

Optical and optoelectronic sights and sighting systems

Optoelectronic weapons control and guidance systems

Laser and laser/optical devices

Optoelectronic space monitoring and surveillance systems

Navigation, topogeodetic and angle measurement systems

Photographic And Cine Cameras

Optoelectronic and laser measuring systems

Optoelectronic trainers and tactical environment simulators

Components of optoelectronic devices

Optical and optoelectronic technology

Lasers and laser technology

Improvement of laser and optoelectronic technologies and systems

Hydrooptics. Hydrooptical methods of surface and undersurface situation surveillance

Manufacturers and research organizations


Optical and optoelectronic devices in modern military hardware

Optical devices - major tools to achieve high operational characteristics of weapons systems and military equipment

Military optics -present and future


Vision and sighting devices


Vision devices of armored vehicles

Night vision devices TKN-3, TKN-3M and TKN-3MK

Day/night commander's periscope TKN-AI

Commander's night periscope TKN-1SM

Driver's day/night viewers TVK-1, TVK-2 and TVK-3

Gunner's day/night (ambient skylight) periscopic sight 1PN22M2M

Battlefield surveillance periscope 1PN61

Night vision devices TVN-5 and TVN-5L

Combined binocular periscopes TNPK-240A, TNPK-240P, TNPK-240PN, TNPP-220A, TNP3VE01(-01) and TNP3VE04

All-round vision device MK-4

Vision devices TNP-205, TNP-160, TNP-B, TNPA-65A, TNP-165A, TNP-370A

Vision devices with electrically heated windows

TNP-1 and TNPO-01 vision devices

TPV-51, TPB-51 and TNP-2 vision devices with a reinforced glass block

Rear view devices TNPT-1, TNPT-3 and TS-27AMSh

Upgraded night vision devices TPN-1K/TPN-1KS, TPN-3K/TPN-3KS, 1K13K/1K13KS/1K13D, 1PN22K/1PN22KS, BPK-2K/BPK-2KS/BPK-2KI (Republic of Belarus)


Sighting devices and periscopes

Altiperiscope PZKG

Parus-98E versatile periscope system

Compact day/night periscope PNM

Compact panoramic periscopes PMK-453 and PMK-455

Binocular-type periscopes VBP-452, VBP-453 and VBP-454A

Target designation and observation periscopes OVNTs-451 and VNTs-452

Tank commander's periscope TPKU-2B

Periscope PIR-451

Position finding instruments VOP-3 and VO-1


Electrooptical surveillance and countermeasures devices

Spektr-F shipborne laser emissions detection station

Mars multispectral detector

Autonomous laser emissions indication subsystem of the Shtora tank protection system

Laser detector LAR-1E

Compact laser-type sniper locator Antisniper

Portable automated electrooptical countermeasures unit

Airborne infra-red line-scanning system

Airborne laser jammer


Night vision devices

Night vision devices and their major components

Nigh vision device Maugli-2 (1PN97)

Night vision device NNP-23 (1PN54)

Long-range night vision device 1PN92-2

Portable telescope 1PN91-2

Long-range night vision telescope PDP-K

Modular night vision telescope MPN-8K

NV-500 Zenit day/night sight

Zenit NVR night sight

Night vision devices of the CYCLOP series

Night vision goggles of the PNV-57 series

Night vision goggles of the PNV-90V series

Passive night vision goggles 1PN-63M

Night vision goggles ON 1x20

Night vision goggles ON-3

Night vision goggles OVN-1 Skosok

Night flying goggles GEO-ONV1 and GEO-ONV1-01

Night flying goggles GEO-ONV2

Night flying goggles Alpha-2031/2021

Night vision goggles Alpha-1032 and PNV-10T

Night vision goggles Alpha-1033

Night vision goggles of the Orion series

Night vision binoculars PN-9K

Pseudobinocular-type night vision goggles PN-14K

Night vision goggles ONV-2+/1?-200

Night vision goggles ONV-3

Night vision goggles ON-2

Night vision goggles Baigysh-20 and Baigysh-27

Night vision goggles NZT-22

Night vision binoculars BN-1, BN-2 and BN-3

Night vision binoculars Baigysh-9M2, Baigysh-12, Baigysh-21, Baigysh-25

BNO- and BNV-series night vision binoculars

Night vision binoculars AN-1

Night vision binoculars PN-11K

Night vision binoculars BN-3 (1PN94)

Night vision binoculars NZT-2MBN

Night vision binoculars Kompas-R

Night vision binoculars NB-8, NB-9 and NB-10

Night vision binoculars NB-3M, NB-4, NB-5 and NB-7

Day/night vision binoculars BDN

Orion-series night vision binoculars

Night vision binoculars Alpha-3122

Infra-red illuminator Alpha-8011

Night vision monoculars Baigysh-19 and Baigysh-32M

NZT-series night vision monoculars

CYCLOP-R night vision monocular telescope

l-300EX night vision monocular telescope

Day/night monocular telescope MDN-3

Night vision monocular telescope MB-3

Orion-series night vision monocular telescope

Night vision monocular telescope Alpha-9022

NZT-series night vision telescopes

Catadioptic night vision device PN-6 (Republic of Belarus)

Night vision goggles NV/G-10 and NV/G-14 (Republic of Belarus)

Night vision monocular telescope Gnom-1A and Gnom-3A (Republic of Belarus)

Night vision monocular telescope NV/M-15 (Republic of Belarus)


Thermal imaging devices and direction finders

Thermal imaging viewers

Thermal imaging surveillance device 1PN71

Thermal imaging viewer TNP-1 Aktsent (1PN-62)

Compact thermal imaging viewer Manchak-1

Compact thermal imaging viewers TPV-1M (TPV-1M1) and TPV-1M2

Kobra infra-red sensor

Poisk infra-red sensor

TPV-module compact thermal imaging module

Modular thermal imaging device of generation III

Module-Avia compact thermal imaging module of generation II

Infra-red remote monitoring devices

Low-altitude airborne infra-red surveillance system 8RM

Airborne infra-red sensors L-082 and L-083

Airborne infra-red sensor L-136 (MAK-F)

Uncooled infra-red sensor for remote-piloted vehicles

Zebra hand-held infra-red sensor

Term thermal imaging camera

Compact thermal imager MTM

Multispectral viewer TK-3

Multispectral viewer MTK

Hand-held thermal imagers

Thermal imager Izumrud

Sych-series hand-held thermal imagers

Hand-held thermal imaging module Rakurs


Television observation devices

Mi-8MV helicopter-borne night vision system GEO-NTK3

Day/night TV system GEO-NTK4 for heliborne flight/navigation system

Round-the-clock heliborne gyrostabilized system GEO-NTK5

Low-light level television module Sibir

Low-light level television camera Tserber-13

TOG-series TV-optical heads

Day/night TV-optical viewer OTV-124

Compact television camera Inya

Portable active/pulse television viewer Berkut

Low-light level television system Pikhta

Low-light level television cameras Garpiya and Krechet

Two-channel low-light level television video camera Sapsan

Marine television systems

Multifunctional shipboard short-range air and surface surveillance optoelectronic system

Multifunctional all-round looking optoelectronic surveillance system

Optoelectronic system for unmanned underwater vehicles

Driver's TV viewing system (Republic of Belarus)

TV cameras Kamera-7280 and Kamera-7292 with long-focal-length variable-focus objective lenses (Republic of Belarus)

Variable-focus objective for special-purpose TV camera (Republic of Belarus)

Optics detector Mirazh-1200 (Republic of Belarus)


Binoculars, monocular vision devices and telescopes

Observation/photography periscope Normativ

Stabilized image binoculars BS 16x40

Artillery surveillance periscope 1N11

Binocular-type telescope PNB (1N20)

Binocular-type telescope TPB-2

Vertical tracking telescope TZK

Zoom-lens telescope 1N10

Naval telescope BMT-110

ZRT-series monocular telescopes

Binoculars B7x30 and B10x42

Binoculars B8Mx30

BPTs-series binoculars

BPO-series binoculars

BKFTs-series binoculars

MP-series monocular telescopes

Prismatic binoculars B-12-1

Wide-angle prismatic binoculars B 8x40, B10x50, B 12x50, B16x50, B 20x50

Wide-angle prismatic binoculars BPShTs-2-10x50, BPShTs-2-8x40, BPShTs-2-7x35 and BPShTs-2-6x30 with central focusing mechanism

Prismatic binoculars BPTs 26x70, BP 20x60 and BPTs 16x50

Prismatic binoculars BP 12x40 s/s and BP 16x50 s/s

Large-magnification astronomical binoculars BAS-30x90 and BAS-2-30x90

Stabilized image binoculars BS 16x50 and BS 20x50

Panoramic binoculars BGSh-2.3x40

Folded monocular MSP-7x25

Prismatic binoculars 7x72 (Republic of Belarus)

Binoculars VKB-7 (Republic of Belarus)

Compact binoculars BKTs 7x18 (Republic of Belarus)

Optics detector Luch (Republic of Belarus)


Optical and optoelectronic sights and sighting systems


Sights for armored vehicles

Tank commander's sighting and viewing periscope Agat-S

Tank commander's day/night sighting/viewing periscope Agat-M

Tank gunner's night sighting system Buran-PA

Tank gunner's night periscope Buran-M

Gunner's laser ranging sight TPD-K1 of sighting system 1A40-1

Tank gunner's upgraded sighting system 1A40-1M

Gunner's sighting system Irtysh-M

Tank gunner's thermal-imaging sight Agava-2

Tank-mounted thermal-imaging sight Noktyurn

Surveillance and attack system Zarnitsa

Ranging sight 1G46

Tank commander's night periscope PNK-4S (PNK-4SR)

Tank gunner's night periscope T01-K01 (T01-K01T, T01-K01R)

Sights TKN-4G and TKN-4GA

Fire-control system 1A43 of tanks T-80U and T-90S

Night sight 1PN96

Anti-aircraft periscopic day vision sight 1P67

Anti-aircraft periscopic day vision sight 1P3

Upgraded night vision sight TPN-1K for tanks

Upgraded night vision sight TPN-3K for tanks

Upgraded night vision sight BPK-2K for armored vehicles

Surveillance/weapons guidance sight 1K13-2 Bug (Republic of Belarus)

Surveillance/weapons guidance sight 1K13 (Republic of Belarus)

Sight TPN-3 (Republic of Belarus)

Sight BPK-2 (Republic of Belarus)

Laser rangefinder KDT-2 (Republic of Belarus)

Sighting system Rubezh (Republic of Belarus)

Multichannel gunner's sight Sosna (Republic of Belarus)

Multichannel gunner's sight Sosna-U (Republic of Belarus)

Multi-channel gunner's sight Buklet (Republic of Belarus)

Ranging/guidance sight PPN-D Sozh (Republic of Belarus)

Thermal-imaging sight Tisas (Republic of Belarus)

Thermal-imaging sight Plisa (Republic of Belarus)

Thermal-imaging sight Essa (Republic of Belarus)

Thermal-imaging sight TVS-10 (Ukraine)

Field-of-view gyroscopic stabilizer (Ukraine)


Air attack, flight control and navigation systems

Airborne sighting and attack system Shkval

Airborne sighting and attack system Shkval-V for helicopter Ka-50

Integrated surveillance and attack system Raduga-Sh for helicopter Mi-24

Thermal-imaging surveillance and attack system Zarevo for helicopter Mi-24PN

Helicopter pilot's thermal-imaging system TPSL

Gyrostabilized optoelectronic systems GOES

Round-the-clock surveillance and attack system GOES-321

Round-the-clock surveillance and attack system GOES-342

GOES-344 sighting and attack system for the Vikhr inter-service multipurpose complex

Round-the-clock surveillance and flight control system TOES-520

Optoelectronic sighting system Samshit-50

Optoelectronic sighting system OEPS-27

Optoelectronic sighting station 31E-MK (upgraded)

Optoelectronic sighting system OEPS-29

Optoelectronic sighting station OEPS-MK (upgraded)

Optoelectronic sighting system Kaira

Versatile helmet-mounted designation system Yauza

Helmet-mounted designation and indication system GEO-NSTsI

Helmet-mounted round-the-clock vision, designation and indication system GEO-NSTsI1

Helmet-mounted designation system Sura (Ukraine)


Sights for rocket-artillery systems, mortars and grenade launchers

Automated sighting system 1P22

Periscopic sights PG-2 (1OP40) and PG-4 (1OP44)

Night artillery sight 1PN53 (APN-7)

Gun sight PG-1M

Gun collimator K-1

Optical sight OP4M

Optical mortar sight MPM-44M

Night sight 1PN52 for anti-tank grenade launchers and large-caliber machine guns

Optical sight PGO-7V (1P38) for anti-tank grenade launcher

Sight PAG-17 for automatic grenade launcher

Combined optical sight PGOK-9 for grenade launchers

Thermal-imaging sight 1PN65 (Trakt)

Thermal-imaging sight 1PN79

Thermal-imaging sight 1PN86 (Mulat)

Thermal-imaging sight 1PN86-VI (Mulat-115)

Night sight GEO-PZR1 for man-portable surface-to-air missile systems

Low-light-level television system GEO-PZR2 for the night sight of the Strela-10M surface-to-air missile system

Day/night television sight GEO-PZR3 for the Tor-M1 surface-to-air missile system

Night sight 1PN72M

Thermal-imaging sight 1PN81 Kol'ye

Sighting system for the 23-mm twin anti-aircraft gun mount ZU-23 (Republic of Belarus)

Collimating sight for light antitank grenade launchers PG-K (Republic of Belarus)

Collimating sight PK-R (Republic of Belarus)


Sights for small arms

Night sights 1PN93-1, 1PN93-2, 1PN93-3, 1PN93-4

Versatile sight NSPU-3 (1PN51)

Versatile upgraded night sight NSPUM-2 (1PN58)

Versatile small arms sight 1P29

Sniper machine gun sight SPP (1OP50)

Sniper machine gun sight SPP-M

Optical sniper sight PSO-1M2

Zoom sight 1P59 for the SVD sniper rifle

Night sight NP-500

Day/night sight PDN 4x43

Night versatile small arms sight NSPU-5 (1PN83)

Compact night sight Sniper

Night sight Argus-8

Active/pulse night sight Argus-AI

Night television sight Argus-23

Day/night television sight Argus-D/N

Thermal-imaging sight Argus-31

Double-spectrum sighting/surveillance system Veko

Double-spectrum sighting/surveillance system Veko-2

Night sighting system Kanadit-O (1PN73)

Night vision sight NV/S-9 (Republic of Belarus)

Night vision sight NV/S-17 (Republic of Belarus)

Increased field of view sighting telescope PO 3.5x21P (Republic of Belarus)

Variable-magnification sighting telescope 1P21 (Republic of Belarus)

Optical sniper sights PSO-1, PSO-1-1, PSO-1M2, PSO-1M2-1, PSO-3 (Republic of Belarus)

Sighting telescope POSP 8x42 with illuminated reticle (Republic of Belarus)

PO 3.5x17.5P with illuminated reticle (Republic of Belarus)


Sights for hunting and sporting guns

Passive sights PON-5 and PON-5-01 for hunting and sporting guns

Combined day/night hunting sight PDN-3

Night zoom sights PNP-4 and PNP-5

Baigysh-series night sights

Night vision sight NP-10 (CYCLOP-NS10)

Compact night vision sight NS-SM-M

Optical sights PO 4x34 and PO 4.5-13x56

Optical sights PO 4x24, PO 4x24-1, PO 6x36, PO 6x36-1

Optical zoom sight PO 3-9x24

Day sights PO 4-10x40 and Bagira-2

Optical sights POSP 4x24, POSP 6x24, POSP 6x42, PO 3-9x42M with illuminated reticle (Republic of Belarus)

Sighting systems POK-1, POK-2 and POK-3 (Republic of Belarus)


Collimating sights for small arms

Collimating sight VK-10-T (1P66)

Collimating sight Nit'-A

Versatile sight collimator 1P61 (UV-1)

Collimating sight Puma-1

Collimating sight Taiga-2U

Night collimating sights PKN-013M (Kojyot) and PKN-03M-01 (Republic of Belarus)

Collimating sight PK-A (Republic of Belarus)

Versatile collimating sight PK-01 (Republic of Belarus)

Collimating sight PKS-07 (Republic of Belarus)

Collimating sight PK-06 (PKU-K1) (Republic of Belarus)

Stereoscopic collimating sights PSK-8 and PSK-20 (Republic of Belarus)

Boresighting collimator KKhP (Republic of Belarus)

Boresighting collimator KKhP-P (Republic of Belarus)


Optoelectronic weapons control and guidance systems


Weapons control systems

All-round looking optoelectronic station Phoenix

Versatile inter-service information-gathering/attack module Phoenix-ME

Baseline thermal-imaging module Pantsir-S (1TPP1)

Day/night automatic optoelectronic system Zenitsa

Anti-tank guided weapon semiautomatic control ground equipment module

Shipboard artillery optoelectronic fire control system SP-251 Rakurs

Optoelectronic module of shipboard missile/artillery complex fire control system

Optoelectronic pod Sapsan-E

Round-the-clock optoelectronic pod IK SPO-3

Optical locating system Alternativa (Republic of Belarus)

Target detection and tracking television system for the Pechora surface-to-air missile system (Republic of Belarus)


Homing devices of guided weapons

Homing head optogyroscopic control unit of the Igla manportable surface-to-air missile

IR homing heads for the Igla and Strela-2M surface-to-air missiles

Target seekers for the homing heads being developed for manportable surface-to-air missiles

Upgraded homing head RD-93 for the Strela-2M manportable SAM system missile

Homing head 9E47M for the Strela-10M SAM system missile

Semi-active laser homing heads for precision-guided projectiles Krasnopol and Kitolov-2M

Optical homing head of ground-to-ground guided missiles

Semi-active laser homing head 24N1

Semi-active laser homing head 27N

Semi-active laser homing head 27NM

IR homing head 36T

Surveillance and target seeking/tracking system for precision-guided weapons (Republic of Belarus)

Optical homing head UA-424 for manportable surface-to-air missile systems (Ukraine)

Optical homing head I1-2000 for manportable surface-to-air missile systems (Ukraine)

Optical homing heads UA-96 and MK-80 for close-combat air-to-air guided missiles (Ukraine)

Optical homing head MM-2000 for short-range air-to-air guided missiles (Ukraine)


Laser and laser/optical devices


Laser illuminators, rangefinders and designators

Laser illumination/range finding station Klyon-PS

Laser illumination/range finding station Prichal

Laser/optoelectronic station Projector

Laser designators/rangers 1D20 and 1D22 (LTsD-2)

Compact laser designator/ranger 1D26

Periscopic laser rangefinder PLD-1 (1D14)

Laser rangefinder/viewer 1D25

Eye-safe laser rangefinder LDBG1 for interservice applications

Compact laser rangefinder LDI-11

Laser surveillance device 1D27

Laser surveillance device LPR-1 (1D13)

Laser rangefinder/viewer 1D18 (LPR-2)

Portable laser rangefinder/viewer LDI-3-1M

Compact laser rangefinder LDI-14

Semiconductor laser rangefinding binoculars Photon-LD (LRB 7?50)

Laser speed/ range meter LISD-2M

Laser designator for precision-strike weapons guidance

Laser designator for small arms

Laser designator Sprint-2

Laser designator Alpha-7115

Infra-red laser projector PL-1 (Republic of Belarus)

Compact laser rangefinder DL-1 (Republic of Belarus)

Laser ranger/angle meter DL-10 (Republic of Belarus)

Miniature laser rangefinder (Republic of Belarus)

TsL-series laser designators (Republic of Belarus)

Korsak-series laser designators (Republic of Belarus)

Laser designator LAD-18 (Republic of Belarus)


Laser gyroscopes

Gyroscopic laser pickups with magnetometric control

Angular increment laser pickup

Compact three-axis Zeeman gyroscope MT-401 ME

KM-series laser gyroscopes


Laser/optical command information systems

Video and laser control systems of precision-guided weapons

Multi-channel laser-beam control system Blik

Image processing system Okhotnik

Video image intensification subsystem Buk

Optical and optoelectronic information processing devices

Satellite-to-satellite information transmitting system via laser

Spaceborne pulsed laser rangefinder

Spaceborne optical laser retroreflective antennas


Optoelectronic space monitoring and surveillance systems


Optoelectronic space monitoring systems

Space monitoring optical laser locator

Optoelectronic space object detection complex Okno

Mobile space object search/track optoelectronic station

Altai-based optical/laser space surveillance center

Optical tracking station Kosmoten

Laser ranging station Maidanak

Laser rangefinder Sazhen-2

Laser/optical system Sazhen-S

Laser/optical system Sazhen-T

Compact standardized laser/optical station Sazhen-TOS

Compact multi-parametric system Sazhen-TM


Optoelectronic devices of space-based surveillance systems

Space-based IR telescope

IR equipment for the detection of intercontinental ballistic missile launches

Optical/photographic observation equipment Topaz

High-resolution survey equipment Pegas

Optoelectronic survey complex Topograph

Distributed-access multizonal equipment set Gamma-Ts

Multizonal visible-spectrum survey equipment set Gamma-3

Panchromatic visible-spectrum survey equipment Gamma-L

Multizonal remote Earth sensing equipment Geoton

Hyperspectral survey equipment Ekos

Dual-channel recording equipment Lotos

Arkon-1 optoelectronic complex of space-based surveillance system

Optoelectronic remote earth-sensing system based on the Kondor-E small space vehicle

Space-based submillimeter-wave band telescope BST-1

Optical complex Pion-K

High-resolution thermal imager Tavr for low-orbit satellites

Infra-red radiometer Klimat

High-resolution multispectral scanner MSU-V

Photographic camera TK-350 (Republic of Belarus)

Multispectral photography system MK-4 (Republic of Belarus)

Remote Earth sensing optoelectronic complex (Ukraine)


Navigation, topogeodetic and angle measurement systems


Optoelectronic devices of attitude control, navigation and celestial monitoring systems

Earth-orientation instruments

Earth and Sun sensor 186K

Local vertical reference 187K

Angle deviation IR meter 200K

Earth horizon IR sensor 194K1

Earth horizon IR sensor 218K

Earth horizon IR sensor 219K

Earth horizon IR sensor 259K

Earth horizon sensor 256K

Earth horizon sensor 254K1

Infra-red Earth horizon sensor 342K

Earth-orientation sensor 301K

Earth-orientation sensor PMV-S1

High-orbit Earth-orientation sensor POZ

Night course control telescope 231K

Cosmonaut's visual orientation device 275K for night use

Sun-orientation sensors of space vehicles

Sun sensors 135K1, 191K and 258K1

Sun orientation sensors 13A and 14A

Sunrise/sunset sensor 267K

Sun orientation sensor Grif

Sun orientation sensor 106K

Sun-orientation sensor 145K1

Sun-orientation sensor 190K

Sun-orientation sensor 331K

Sun-orientation sensor 251K

Sun-orientation sensor POS

Stellar orientation instruments of space vehicles

Astrotracker/viewer 161K1

Pilot's telescope 240K

The 12KS precision astromeasurements system

Polar star orientation instrument 220K1

Optoelectronic aiming and star correction systems of strategic naval missile complexes

Stellar monitoring instruments of submarine-launched ballistic missiles

Submarine's celestial navigation, measurement and observation complexes MT-70 and MTK-121

Airborne stellar tracker AV-1SM (Ukraine)


Geodetic and topographic surveying instruments

Topographic laser rangefinder KTD-2-2

Laser tacheometer KTD-3


Leveling devices

Electronic tacheometer 3TA5

Light rangefinder Blesk-2 (2ST10-02)

Target designator Uts

Height finder BVL with azimuth circle

Optoelectronic devices for initial orientation of missile complexes (Ukraine)

Gyrotheodolites (Ukraine)


Photographic And Cine Cameras


Aerial photography, gun sight aiming point and movie cameras

Cameras for vertical and oblique aerial photography of the Earth's surface

Aerial photography cameras A-86K, A-87PV and Limonad-FM

Aerial photography/TV camera Limonad-FT

Panoramic aerial photography cameras AP-402, AP-402M, AP-402MS, A-84, AP-405

Multispectral aerial photography camera AS-707

Aerial surveillance photographic equipment complex AFK-ON

Aerial photography cameras A-39S-M and M-167

Airborne battle-damage control photographic cameras

Airborne motion-picture cameras

Aerial photography cameras AFA-41/10 and AFA-42/20 (Republic of Belarus)

Aerial survey photographic cameras TAFA-10M and TAFA-20 (Republic of Belarus)

Aerial survey photography camera AT-204 (Republic of Belarus)

Wide-span aerial photography camera (Republic of Belarus)

Ground-based photographic recording camera RFK-5 (Republic of Belarus)

Ground-based photographic camera FARM-3 (Republic of Belarus)


Photogrammetrical equipment

Analytical stereophotogrammetric unit ASFP-2 (Republic of Belarus)

Automated image interpretation workstation ARM-DM (Republic of Belarus)

Analytical/digital photogrammetric station (Republic of Belarus)

Automated transformation apparatus Peleng (Republic of Belarus)

Automated transformation apparatus FPA for field use (Republic of Belarus)

Enlarger/projector UVT-50 (Republic of Belarus)

Enlarger/projector UVT-120 (Republic of Belarus)


Optoelectronic and laser measuring systems


Optoelectronic and laser trajectory-measuring systems

High-accuracy single-site mobile optoelectronic station Veresk-EK

Mobile laser/TV station Oka

Laser/TV measuring station Vector-O

Precise coordinate measurement laser station Yukon-M

Laser/TV precision measurement complex Mustang-K

Laser rangefinders DL-70 and DL-200

Photorecording station FRS-4 Redan (Republic of Belarus)

Precise optoelectronic theodolite system Viola (Republic of Belarus)

Rapid filming cinetelescope Razum (Republic of Belarus)

High-accuracy cinetheodolite Vismutin (Republic of Belarus)

Infra-red theodolite Velur-M (Republic of Belarus)

TV-aided compact theodolite Kontur-T (Republic of Belarus)

Laser height finders used in artificial earth satellite location systems (Ukraine)


Optical measuring and metrological complexes

Aerospace equipment operation monitoring and alignment complex

Optical alignment system YuSKB-77

Optical alignment system YuSK-77

Checkout equipment used to carry out diagnostic tests of optoelectronic devices of armored vehicles

Measuring and metrological instruments used to check thermal imaging devices

Automated IR instrumentation complex NSI-K

Thermal imaging radiometer Iskra

Test sets

Metrological complex KIM-300

Metrological complex MK-100

Miniature range MPN-1

Instruments used to carry out diagnostic tests on armored vehicle sights (Republic of Belarus)


Optoelectronic trainers and tactical environment simulators


Optoelectronic trainers

Training simulators for operators of anti-tank guided weapons

Training simulators for grenade launcher and flame thrower operators

Simulators of fighting compartments of tanks T-80U and T-90

Comprehensive training simulator for crews of Krasnopol guided artillery system

Platoon-level weapon firing laser simulators and target hit imitators set 9F838


Optoelectronic tactical environment simulators

Trainers and space environment simulators for the training of manned spacecraft crews (Ukraine)

Controllable space vehicle image projection system UFI-KA (Ukraine)

Controllable star sky image projection system UFI-ZN (Ukraine)

Earth (UFI-Z), Moon and Sun image projection system (Ukraine)

Optical integration units UOS-KL (Ukraine)


Components of optoelectronic devices



Semiconductor-type photoelectric optical detectors

Photodiodes and photodetectors based on Si, Ge, InGaAs, InGaAs(P) operating in a spectral band of 0.4 to 1.7 mm

PbS and PbSe photodetectors operating in 1-3 mm and 3-5 mm spectral bands

Indium-antimonide (InSb) photodetectors covering a spectral band of 1 to 5.5 mm

Solid CdMeTe-solution photodetectors operating in 3-5 mm and 8-12 mm spectral bands

IR photodetectors

Thermoelectrically cooled and uncooled optical sensors

Split-Stirling-type microcryogenic system Alpha-0.5

Uncooled photodetectors

Cooled photodetectors

Photodetectors for pulse laser rangefinders and laser gyroscopes

Photodetectors based on vacuum tubes and semiconducting devices

Microelectronic components of photodetectors


Image-converter tubes

Biplanar image-converter tubes

Image-converter tubes of generation III

Power packs for optoelectronic devices

History of development and production of optical materials in Russia


Optical and optoelectronic technology


Production of optical materials

Optical glass and optical mediums

Optical glass with special properties

Production of large high-precision optical mirrors

Technological control and quality certification of large optical elements

Machining of optical elements

Optical system objective test unit


Production of optical devices

Optical mirrors made from nontraditional optical materials

Optical elements with high optical stability

Interference coatings

Aspherical optics

Diffraction optics

Electron-beam and ion-plasma technologies used in the production of microphotoelectronics and optics


Space optics

Objective lenses of spaceborne optical systems

Large objective lenses carried by space vehicles

Astronomical optics

Large azimuthal telescope

Large astronomical adaptive composite telescope AST-25

Development of high-energy lasers and laser systems


Lasers and laser technology


Lasers, laser devices and laser systems

Solid-state lasers designed for military systems

Solid-state pulsed lasers with emission-frequency conversion

Solid-state short-pulse high-power lasers

Solid-state semiconductor-pumped lasers

Eye-safe solid-state lasers operating in 1.5 to 3 mm range

High-power gas lasers

High-power slotted high-frequency-pumped CO2 laser

Gasdynamic CO2 lasers

Transversely-excited atmospheric CO2 lasers

Industrial CO2 lasers of up to 10 kW power rating

Gasdynamic CO2 laser on liquid components

High-energy explosion-pumped photodissociation lasers

High-energy Raman-effect summation lasers

Iodine lasers

Chemical oxygen-iodine laser COIL-10

Semiconductor lasers


Lasers and information laser technology

Remote chemical reconnaissance complex KDKhR-1N

Mobile lidar complex

Automated remote monitoring system ASD-Lidar

Energy transmission laser systems

Instruments for ETLS tests

Mobile laser system MLTK-50 beam generation and pointing system

Experimental laser system

Testing facilities for solid-state lasers and systems

Microprismatic retrodirective mirror

Laser beam control and correction systems

Aerodynamic windows for laser units