Electronic version of the book “Nuclear Weapons Complex”, the Volume 14 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2007.1eng.

Electronic version of the book "Control, Communication and Radio Electronic Warfare Systems", the Volume 13 of the Encyclopedia "Russia's Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia", came for sale in version 2006.1 eng.

“The Flagship of Shipborne Radar Systems” came off the press.

A electronic version of the book ”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects” went on sale (v.2012.2eng).

”Tula Armory: People, Achievements, Prospects”, a book dedicated to the 300th anniversary of state-run weapon making in Tula. The edition was published with the support from V.S. Gruzdev, the governor of the Tula Region.

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Encyclopedia "Russia’s Arms and Technologies. The XXI Century Encyclopedia"

Volume 15 — "Security and Law Enforcement Facilities"

Volume 15 —
130 USD

  • 2007
  • 712 pages, Russian/English text
  • 830 models of weapons and special-purpose technology
  • 49 defense industry enterprises
  • 1570 illustrations

ISBN: 978-5-93799-037-2



Special small arms

Counterterrorism complexes

Protection and criminal bomb explosion localization facilities

Operational facilities

Criminalistic equipment

Security, surveillance and access control systems

Traffic safety facilities

Communication and information protection systems

Special vehicles

Armament and materiel of the interior troops of the russian ministry of the interior

Enterprises and organizations


Security and policing facilities. Mikhail Suhodolskiy, Lieutenant General of Militia, Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation

Armament, combat and special materiel of Interior Troops of the Russian Ministry of the Interior. Sergey Yurchenko, Lieutenant General, Deputy Commander-in-Chief for Armament of InteriorTroops of the Russian Ministry of the Interior

Special small arms

Pistols. Revolvers

OTs-23 Drotik 5.45 mm automatic pistol

PSM 5.45 mm compact self-loading pistol

PSS 7.62 mm special self-loading pistol

Makarov 9 mm pistol

Makarov (PMM) upgraded 9 mm pistol

Stechkin APS 9 mm automatic pistol

APB 9 mm noiseless automatic pistol

OTs-27 Berdysh 9 mm self-loading pistol

Grach 9 mm pistol

GSh-18 9 mm pistol

SR-1M 9 mm self-loading pistol

P-96M 9 mm pistol

OTs-33 Pernach 9 mm automatic pistol

OTs-21 Malysh 9 mm small-size pistol for operations services

OTs-38 Stechkin 7.62 mm special revolver

OTs-01 (TKB-0216) Kobalt 9 mm revolver

R-92 9 mm revolver

Udar 12.3 mm revolver complex

OTs-20 Gnom 12.5 mm smoothbore revolver

Osa complex

SPP-1M underwater pistol

Machine pistols. Compact submachine guns

A-7,62 compact machine pistol

PP-90 and PP-90M compact machine pistols

PP-90M1 compact machine pistol

PP-91 Kedr and PP-9 Klin compact machine pistols

OTs-02 Kiparis compact machine pistol

PP-93 compact machine pistol

SR-2M machine pistol

PP-19 Bizon-2 machine pistol

PP-19-01 (Isp.10 Vityaz) machine pistol

AEK-919K Kashtan machine pistol

PP-2000 machine pistol

9A-91 compact submachine gun

SR-3 Vikhr compact submachine gun

AK102 Kalashnikov compact submachine gun

AKS74U 5.45 mm short submachine gun

OTs-12 Tis compact submachine gun

AS Val 9 mm special submachine gun

APS 5.66 mm underwater submachine gun

Sniper rifles

SV-99 5.6 mm small-bore sniper rifle

SVD and SVD-S 7.62 mm sniper rifles

SVU and SVU-A (SVU-AS) 7.62 mm short sniper rifles

MTs-116 (MTs-116M) 7.62 mm sniper rifle

SV-98 7.62 mm sniper rifle

VSS 9 mm special sniper rifle

VSK-94 9 mm special sniper rifle

V-94 12.7 mm large-caliber sniper rifle and its OSV-96 modification

VKS 12.7 mm sniping complex

ASVK-94 (SVN-98) 12.7 mm large-caliber sniper rifle

Tactical silencers/flash hiders

Special small arms and grenade launchers

OTs-14 Groza rifle grenade launcher complex

18 mm special carbine based on the MR-153 self-loading rifle

KS-23 and KS-23M 23 mm special carbines

RGS-33 special-purpose shoulder grenade launcher

RGS-50M special-purpose shoulder grenade launcher

US-50 portable firing device

Gnom portable launcher for firing of the Kasseta-type munitions

Small arms ammunition

5.45 mm cartridge with the 7N6 bullet and the 7N10 bullet of enhanced penetration capacity

5.45 mm submachine gun cartridge with a bullet of reduced bouncing capacity (PRS)

MPTs (7N7) 5.45 mm pistol cartridge

5.45 mm submachine gun cartridge with an armor-piercing bullet (7N22)

US (7U1) 5.45 mm cartridge with reduced bullet velocity

BS (7N24) 5.45 mm armor-piercing core cartridge

7.62 mm cartridge of the 1943 model with an armor-piercing bullet (7N23)

BP (7N26) 7.62 mm rifle cartridge with an armor-piercing bullet

B-32 7.62 mm rifle cartridge with an armor-piercing and incendiary bullet

T-46 7.62 mm rifle cartridge with a tracer bullet

SP-4 7.62 mm special cartridge

7.62 mm rifle cartridge (7BT1) with the BT-90 armor-piercing tracer bullet

7N14 7.62 mm rifle cartridge with an armor-piercing bullet

9x19 mm pistol cartridge (7N31) with a bullet of enhanced penetration capacity (PBP)

9x21 mm pistol cartridge with a steel-core bullet (7N29)

9 mm pistol cartridge with a bullet of enhanced penetration capacity (7N21)

9 mm pistol cartridge (SP-7) with a plastic-core bullet

9 mm pistol cartridge (57-N-181S) with a Pst steel-core bullet

PBM (7N25) 9x18 mm cartridge with a bullet of enhanced penetration capacity

SP-5, SP-6 and PAB-9 special cartridges

9 mm pistol bullet with the PE expansive bullet

9 mm cartridge with the PT tracer bullet

7N34 12.7 mm sniper cartridge

MPS 5.66 mm cartridge for underwater firing

MPST 5.66 mm cartridge with a tracer bullet for underwater firing

SPS 4.5 mm pistol cartridge for underwater firing

Special cartridges for the Osa nonlethal weapon complex

Shrapnel-10 and Shrapnel-25 cartridges

PV-23M propelling cartridge

Volna-R rubber bullet cartridge

Barrikada cartridge with a special bullet

Counterterrorism complexes


RDG-M smoke hand grenade

Cheremukha-6U training smoke hand grenade

Nagar smoke-grenade round

GDM-40 smoke grenade for instantaneous smoke screen placement

ZDP incendiary smoke cartridge

Cheremukha-7 cartridge with remote-action gas grenade

Cheremukha-7M and Siren-7 gas-grenade cartridges

Chremukha-6 hand gas grenade

Cheremukha-6M, Siren-6 and Siren-12 hand gas grenades

Cheremukha-12 high-duty gas grenade

Dreyf non-fragmentation aerosol hand grenade

Krol hand assault grenade

Combined-action hand grenades

Vyushka hand grenade

Vprysk-P hand grenade

Direct-action smoke hand grenade (GRD)

GS-33 lachrymatory and irritating effect grenade round

GSZ-33 flash and sound grenade

Gvozd gas-grenade round

VRG irritating grenade round

VGM-93 irritating-grenade round

Cheremukha-10M aerosol sprayer

Kontrol-M and Kontrol-MM self-defense aerosol containers

Siren-10 irritating aerosol sprayer

Rezeda-10 and Zveroboy-10 aerosol sprayers

RVD-70, RVD-160 and RVD-250 high-pressure sprayers

Ovod enhanced-efficiency sprayer

Primula enhanced-efficiency aerosol sprayer

AR-16 aerosol sprayer (Oblako backpack apparatus)

Zarya-2 non-fragmentation flash and sound grenade

GSZ-T and GSZ-TSh non-fragmentation flash and sound hand grenades

GSZ flash and sound grenade

Vzlet-M multi-element flash and sound grenade

Fakel multi-element flash and sound hand grenade

Fakel-S single-element flash and sound hand grenade

Plamya stationary flash and sound grenade

Plamya-M (Plamya-M2) stationary flash and sound grenade

PPM-type safety triggers (fuses)

Kasseta-SD/DT/KT special cluster multi-element munitions

GS-40 lachrymatory and irritating grenade round

GD-40 direct-action smoke grenade round

GSZ-40 flash and sound grenade round

VG-40SZ 40 mm flash and sound grenade

VG-40TB 40 mm thermobaric grenade

RG-60TB 60 mm thermobaric hand grenade

VGM-93 shock effect grenade round

Electric shockers (ES)

AIR-107 self-contained spark dischargers

EShU-200 electric shocker

Pyrotechnic munitions

Masking and protective munitions

BTD onboard transport smoke screening module

3D6 81 mm smoke grenade

3D6M 81 mm smoke grenade

3D17 81 mm smoke grenade

Combined-action flare mine (MSK-40, MSK-40P, MSK-40PE)

Pot block with an irritant-based pyrotechnic filler

IR radiation and radar jamming pyrotechnic munitions

PPI-50-3 IR jamming cartridge

PPR-50-17 radar jamming cartridge

Illuminating and flare pyrotechnic munitions

50 mm remote-action rocket flare (7S9)

40 mm longer-range rocket flare (7S3)

30 mm single-star rocket flare (57-SN-625)

30 mm red and green light multi-star rocket flare (57-SN-625M)

30 mm longer-range rocket cartridge (57-SN-625U)

Special equipment

Potok special laser flashlight

Nevod immobilizer

Piton disposable charge activation line with field power source

Klyuch compact explosive device

Special door opener set

Protection and criminal bomb explosion localization facilities

Body armor facilities

Maska-2 shockproof protective helmet

PSh-97 (Dzheta) shockproof helmet

Sfera-S ballistic helmet

Maska-1 bulletproof helmet with removable visor

Maska-1Shch ballistic helmet

Maska-3-1 ballistic helmet

Maska-3-2 ballistic helmet

Maska-4 ballistic helmet

SSh-68M steel helmet

SSh-68N upgraded ballistic helmet

K6 and Rys series titanium helmets

ZSh-1 protective helmet

ZSh-1-2 protective helmet

Modul tactical armor vests

Zalom armor vest

Bazalt assault armor vest

Bazalt-MK highly ballistic armor vest

Shturm-VV series armor vests

Kora-Kulon armor vest

Kora-Kulon armor vest with armor panels of high-duty polyethylene

Kora-1MK armor vest

Kora-3 special concealable vest

Korund armor vest

Korund-VM assault armor vest

Tantal series armor vests

Bulat series armor vests

BZhSN series armor vests

Vyzov protective armor ensemble

Army armor vests of protection class 3 (steel, ind. 6B12; titanium, ind. 6B12-2)

Protective ensemble of a combat vehicle crew member (ind. 6B25)

Barmitsa base individual combat gear ensemble

Shchit impact-resistant complex

Vitrazh-AT impact-resistant shield

BZT-75S bulletproof shield

Shturm armor shields

Zerkalo protective mask

Limb protectors

Bomb disposal protection facilities

KZS deminer protective ensemble

Grot deminer protective suit

Zaslon deminer protective ensemble

Vityaz-PM deminer protective ensemble

Fontan series explosion energy localizers

Zov bomb localizer

ETTs series blast containers

ETTs-1 container

ETTs-2 container

ETTs-3 and ETTs-3M

ETTs-4 container

Shchit-1 explosion-proof container

Mobile explosion engineering criminalistic laboratory

Mobile bomb reconnaissance and disposal robotic complexes

Bomb destructors

2R1-U hydrodynamic bomb destructor

Vyrub-RP hydropowdered bomb destructor

Vyrub-RV ultrajet hydrodynamic bomb destructor

2R3 remote bomb destructor set

Vyrub-K improvised bomb destructor

Vyrub-S improvised bomb hydrodynamic destructor

Vybros-RM remote mine thrower/sweeper

Mechanical tool sets for remote use and opening of bomb packages (shells)

Vypad-PO mechanical tool set

Vypad-DP-M mechanical tool

Vypad-R mechanical tool set for remote cutting of bomb packages (shells)

Engineer reconnaissance and demining facilities

Reconnaissance and demining set

Zond-K electronic probe rod

NR 900 YeK Korshun field nonlinear junction detector

Anker-4Ye contactless parametric detector

Kondor 7252 metal detector

Kornet 7250 metal detector

IMP metal detector

Kamysh-M4 radio-operated bomb blocking devices

RP-377UVM1, RP-377UVM2 and RP-377UVM3 compact portable and transportable jammers

Pelena equipment for protection against engagement by radio-operated bombs

Operational facilities

Observation and visual surveillance facilities

BZL 30x60 catadioptic binoculars

BKTs 7x18 compact prismatic binoculars

BS 16x40 binoculars with image stabilization

BS 16x50 binoculars with image stabilization

PNN-03 night vision observation device

Voron-08 night vision device

Voron-07 night vision device

Luch optical system detection indicator

Mirazh-1200 optical system detector

Mif-350 optical system detector

Samuray tactical observation and reconnaissance device

Antisnayper compact laser locator

Pauk compact laser interference complex

Mobile video surveillance complex

Levkoy-P equipment for detection of moving targets in masking environments

Filin optoelectronic observation and detection system

Sova shooter firing position acoustic reconnaissance complex

Operational equipment

IKAR sound signal analysis and noise suppression tool complex

"Zolushka-mikro 3" self-contained sound (speech) signal noise suppression station

Veresk special ultradirectional microphone complex Signal-TsAF-2N compact speech enhancer

Foneksiya phonoscopic examination hardware and software complex

Uchet-F phonogram registration hardware and software complex

Search and screening equipment

Antisvid equipment for detection of concealed optoelectronic devices

Antisvid-2 equipment for detection of concealed TV surveillance systems

Spin-2 equipment for detection of television and optoelectronic devices

Telescopic arms with television and IR imaging modules

Poisk-TV television screener

Krot technical videoscope

Periskop search mirror

SMD-300 selective pulse metal detector

Nartsiss selective metal detector

Nadzor series X-ray TV introscopes

PMO-1 portable metal detector

Niko-VP-SM microprocessor walk-through metal detector

Barbaris-2 mobile metal detector

Gvozdika-005 walk-through metal detector

Poisk-VV recognizer

APP-1 acoustic survivor searcher

APP-1M acoustic searcher

Geyzer acoustic leak detector

Tracking support facilities

Poisk criminal burial radio searcher

Pilot-M portable explosive vapor detector

Kit for express tests of samples for explosives

Virazh-VV express test kit

Politest-2 criminalistic kit

Sled portable trace-particle drug detector

OVR-3,5 backpack fan sprayer

Kulbit pyrotechnic percussion-cap sprayer

Ogonyok set of marking preparations

Layka odorant agent

Karmin coloring agent

Matritsa microporous stamp pad

KR-26N reagent set

Rododendron reagent and appliance set

Mini-Kredit-L time-delay chemical trap

Kukla-MG chemical alarm trap

Criminalistic equipment

Crime-scene equipment

Mobile criminalistic laboratory (MCL)

Mobile explosion engineering laboratory

Mobile fire engineering laboratory

Krater mobile explosion engineer set

Krest fragment detection and lifting set

Kulisa special (spark-proof) tool set

Kriminalist unified kit

Kriminalist-universal photography set

Forensic kit

Sirius field equipment complex

Delta portable fingerprinting set

Daktogel fingerprinting ink pad

Papilon fingerprint scanners

DS-14 fingerprint scanner

DS-30 fingerprint scanner

DS-21 fingerprint scanner

DS-22 fingerprint scanner

Papilon-M multi-purpose mobile expert complex

Oktan specialized refractometer

Kleymo complex for video check of marked surfaces

PMD-Ch, PMD-B and PMLD-S magnetic fingerprint powders

MLPM adhesive film material

MLPD adhesive film material

Milikhrom A-02 high-efficiency liquid chromatograph

Korro special protection identification set

Laboratory equipment

RASTR-5 software and hardware complex

MSKK-5 computerized criminalistic comparison microscope

SUR-01 Renom multi-purpose X-ray spectrometer

SUR-02 Renom FM multi-purpose X-ray spectrometer

KRP-01 Saturn X-ray transilluminating complex

Kartina inkless fingerprinting complex

Kartina-M inkless fingerprinting complex

Stend electrical panel for measuring characteristics of protection devices

IML-01 ShLIF integrated metallographic laboratory

Kurgan scanner

VC-30 forensic complex

Ultramag-S6 multi-purpose scanning detector

Portret-Poisk unified information search system

Cold-arms testing equipment

Kisten display and measurement device

Kraft compact portable instrument

Mishen item

Ballistic examination equipment

VK-100 explosion engineering examination complex

ETTs-6 blasting chamber

Security, surveillance and access control systems

Perimeter security systems

Vasilyok-O microprocessor-based radio-beam detector

Vasilyok-OM compact radio-beam detector

Arbalet-M-MD fast-deployable complex

Arbalet-B-MD compact radio-beam detector

Modem 4800

Sirius-B access control and site communication system

Rosyanka autonomous surveillance panel

Yezhevika-B-02 detector for security fencing

RIF series perimeter security equipment

RIF-RLM series radio-beam two-way annunciator

RIF-KRL-01 radio-beam two-way linear/spatial annunciator

RIF-KRLM eight-channel radio-beam detector

Biryusa-M electric-contact detector

RASTR television surveillance system (TSS)

GOBY-M data acquisition and processing system

RIF-BO data processing and display unit

RIF-485BO data processing and display unit

RIF-485 software and hardware complex (SHC)

Fon-3 and Fon-3/1 3D radio-wave security annunciators

Linar linear radio-wave security annunciator

Radiy-DM linear radio-wave security annunciator

Radiy-BRK fast-deployable security complex

Pautina mobile fast-deployable alarm complex

SPEK-7 linear optoelectronic security annunciator

SPEK-8 linear optoelectronic security annunciator

SPEK-11 linear optoelectronic security annunciator

Vektor-SPEK linear optoelectronic security annunciator

Rapira mobile detection equipment complex

Yezhevika-M1 barrier detector

Bagulnik-M perimeter security disturbance detector

Delfin-M disturbance detector

Krot-M seismic security detector

Krot-B antidigging detector

Plyushch security device for extended areas of irregular terrain

Kuvshinka break-type security alarm

Kuvshinka-M break-type security alarm

Yeger break-type alarm

Security alarm equipment

Structural security annunciators

Magnet-contact point security annunciators

Astra-S surface audio security annunciator

Steklo-1M surface audio security annunciator

Steklo-3 surface audio security annunciator

Okno-6 impact-contact surface security annunciator

Astra-5 3D optoelectronic security annunciator

Astra-8 3D combined security annunciator

Gran-2M and Shorokh-2 surface vibration security annunciators

Inzhir security alarm set for special rooms

Room volume and perimeter security annunciators

Foton-15, Foton-15A and Foton-15B optoelectronic security annunciators

Foton-16, Foton-16A and Foton-16B optoelectronic security annunciators

Foton-17 optoelectronic security annunciator

Argus-2 and Argus-3 radio-wave 3D security annunciators

Sokol-2 and Sokol-3 combined security annunciators

Sova-2 and Sova-3 surface combined security annunciators

Alarm systems

Radioknopka alarm radio system

Radiokukla alarm radio system

IO 101-2 manual security annunciator

IO 101-3 foot security annunciator

Cherepakha-1 manual (foot) security annunciator

TRK-1 manual security annunciator

TRK-1/S manual security annunciator

Systems for transmission of warnings over user lines of urban telephone networks

Akhtuba automated warning transmission system

Atlas-20 warning transmission system

Yupiter warning transmission system

Zarya warning transmission system

Pritok-A integrated security and fire alarm system

Altair centralized security and alarm surveillance complex

Radio-channel warning transmission systems

Struna-3M warning transmission radio system (WTRS)

Struna-5 automated warning transmission system

Irtysh-3R warning transmission radio system

Struna-M warning transmission radio system

Components of integrated security systems

Kodos integrated security complex (ISC) systems

Kodos-Videoset digital video surveillance system

Kodos A-202 security and fire monitoring receiver

Rubezh-08 security and fire alarm monitoring receiver

Akkord-512 security and fire alarm monitoring receiver

Mirazh integrated monitoring system

Pipeline failure location systems

Kapkan pipeline failure location system

Magistral system for protection of oil pipelines against unauthorized tapping

Mobile object monitoring and protection systems

Argo-Strazh vehicle monitoring system

Almaz mobile object monitoring system

Arkan-SM mobile object monitoring system

Tsezar Satellit satellite vehicle security system

Engineered barriers


VN-1 watchtower

Tuya-3 and Tuya-3M watchtowers

Pokat stationary electromechanical wheeled vehicle stopper

Evkalipt special-task motor vehicle stopper

Barbed tape

Serpantin upgraded barbed tape

RTBT spirals

Myata machine

Zagraditel trailer

Traffic safety facilities

Vehicle speed monitoring facilities

Berkut speed indicator

Berkut-Viza mobile video recorder

Sokol series speed indicators

AVTOSKAN speeding video recording system

Vizir video recording speed indicator

Arena automatic speed enforcement recorder

RADIS mobile radar

ISKRA-1 speed indicator

KRIS-1 image and speed recoding complex

LISD-2M laser speed and range indicator

Multifunctional laser speed indicators

Alcohol detection devices

Alkotester alcohol indicators

Alkometr 500 alcohol indicator

Alkoblou alcohol indicator

SD-400 series alcohol meters

VIDEO AKPE-01 spectrophotometric alcohol analyzer

AKPE-01 ethanol vapor concentration analyzer

Equipment for traffic accident scene operations

FOMP-KS versatile one-camera photogrammetric complex

Induktsiya recorder of movement parameters

Traffic policeman field kit

Road curvimeter

Vehicle stoppers

Diana-S vehicle stopper

Garpun automatic vehicle barrier

Liana-6000 portable barrier

Kaktus portable barrier

Sprut car stopper

Traffic police automated information systems

AIPS Voditel and Avtotransport software complex

Driving license preparation technology

Potok hardware and software complex

Sova-2 mobile hardware and software complex

Spektr vehicle radar

Vehicle and driver screening facilities


Estakada-3 and Estakada-5 portable compact vehicle TV screening systems

TSS-3M-1 TV spectral system

Kriminalist-2 compact portable TV system

Raduga-2 TV spectral system

Videomysh TV magnifier

Vehicle checkup facilities

GAZ-2705 based mobile checkup post

AVTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer

IPF-01 vehicle headlamp light parameter meter

Meta-01MP exhaust gas smoking meter

EFFEKT motor vehicle braking system efficiency meters

ISL-M motor vehicle overall steering play meter

ISL-401 overall steering play meter

TONIK glass light transmission meter

Svet car glass light transmission factor indicator

VA-15S portable car scales

Outfit of traffic patrol squads

Uniform of traffic patrol squads

Traffic patrol gear

Communication and information protection systems

Radio communication systems and facilities

Sakvoyazh-BRK fast-deployable radio communication complex

Granit-R101 repeater

Granit-R102 repeater

Granit mobile (transportable) radio stations

Granit-201 radio station

Granit-202 radio station

Granit handheld (portable) radio stations

Granit-301 radio station

Granit-302 radio station

Granit-321 concealed radio station

Radiy-R101 repeater

Radiy-101 fixed radio station

Radiy-201 transportable radio station

Radiy-301 handheld radio station

Erika-307 handheld radio station

Erika-SDU remote-control radio station

Erika-101R-028 coded-access repeater

SMUR E-200 radio network monitoring and control system

E-200 digital speech converter

Ritm-ATs transportable analog-digital radio station

Runo-Ts concealed analog-digital radio station

Altaviya-301 series handheld radio stations

Altaviya-350 series handheld digital radio stations

SMUR KhK100-01 radio network monitoring and control station

04KhK100-01 series speech converters

Granit Koder-11 coder

Serga complex headsets

Sprut complex antennas

Data transmission systems

Dostup system for remote radio channel access to databases

Topaz-V multimedia communication system

Wire communication systems and facilities

Nabat operational and dispatch communication system

Dispatching radiotelephone complex of the Squad Command Center (SCC) of the public safety police and the interior troops

Nezabudka-M alarming and intercom device for special vehicles

SPS-8 message reception station

Region-120KhT operational telephone communication station

UON-51 compact user telephone line number identifier

Vektor series Proton-SSS operational and dispatch communication system

Ladoga-M100 office ATX

Telrad S128 office ATX

Telrad S400 office ATX

MiniCom DX-500 in-house office ATX

SI 2000/Vega office ATX

Hotline public-police communication system

Vestnik computer-aided telephone speech system

Radio monitoring facilities

ARK-MK mobile radio monitoring and direction finding complex

ARK-P7 mobile (portable) automatic direction finder

ARK-RP3 portable handheld direction finder

ARK-PP panoramic adapter

ARK-D1TI multifunctional portable radio monitoring complex

ARK-RD4 multi-channel radiotelephone channel monitoring complex

Otliv automated radio monitoring station

Information leakage channel detectors

Pioner-M radiomicrophone detector

Rodnik-23K nonlinear radar

NR 900 EM professional nonlinear junction detector

NR 900 V professional nonlinear junction detector

NR-µ nonlinear junction detector

Special vehicles

Police vehicles

GolAZ-5291-KShA and PAZ-3205-KAS Tayfun mobile control center

Zond-A mobile control center of the Russian Minister of the Interior

GAZ-27057 based mobile satellite communication center

GAZ-3110 ASO-ChZ Ten special armored vehicle

UAZ-31514-ChZ Antik special armored vehicle

UAZ-3162-ChZ Araks-1 special armored vehicle

Lavina-Uragan special armored water cannon vehicle

Brosok-1 armored assault vehicle

SPM-1 Alfa special police vehicle

3160-UUM Anis patrol vehicle

2110-UUM Anis patrol vehicle

2110-AP Argon-1 patrol vehicle

GAZ-2752-ADCh Ametist patrol vehicle

UAZ-3162-PPSM Azimut patrol vehicle

UAZ-3160-UM-AP and UAZ-3160-UM-ADCh Allyur police vehicle

ZIL-32501-ATN Armada-4 police vehicle

PAZ-3206-PPM Arzamas police vehicle

GAZ-2705-ADCh Ankor patrol vehicle

GAZ-2705-AUR1 and GAZ-2705-AUR2 Angar-3 police vehicles

UAZ-3741-PKLM Akveduk-2 police vehicle

KAVZ-3976-PKL Abraziv mobile criminalistic laboratory

ZIL-32501 based bomb search, identification and disposal vehicle

GAZ-3307-AZ (AZP, SAZ, AZU) Atlas prison van

ZIL-5301-AZ Armada-4 prison van

GAZ-2705-AZ and GAZ-2706-AZ1 Ankor prison van

Ural-4320-AZS prison vehicle

KamAZ-43114-AZ Avtoperevozka prison vehicle

KAVZ-3976-AZ Ambar police vehicle

GAZ-2705-ATN and GAZ-2705-AMV Ankor police vehicles

GAZ-2705-ATR Ampula-1 police vehicle

Patrol boats

Azov-K patrol and rescue boat

Alyans patrol boat

Aral-P patrol boat

Argo air-cushion patrol boat


AS-355 helicopter

R-44 helicopter

Ansat light multi-role helicopter

AU-36 balloon observation complex

AU-12M two-seater airship

ZALA 421-04 light unmanned aircraft

Armament and materiel of the interior troops of the russian ministry of the interior

Armored vehicles and armament


T-62 tank

T-62D tank

T-62M tank

T-62MV tank

Armored personnel carriers

BMP-1 infantry combat vehicle

BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle

BMD-1 combat landing vehicle

BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance and patrol vehicle

BTR-80 armored personnel carrier

BTR-70 armored personnel vehicle

BTR-D armored personnel carrier

BTR-60PU command vehicle

Armored vehicles

BTS-4 tank retriever

MTO-80 maintenance truck

MTO-BT maintenance truck

MTO-BTR maintenance truck

MTO-TKh storage maintenance truck

TRM-90U multi-purpose tank repair truck

TRM-A-80 tank repair truck

TRM-80 tank repair truck

TRM-95U tank repair truck

MRS-AR workshop truck

MES special electrical equipment workshop truck

MES-95 electrical equipment workshop truck

MSA welding truck

Aircraft armament and aircraft


IL-76MD medium-range military transport aircraft

An-12 medium-range military transport aircraft

An-26 light military transport aircraft

An-72 light military transport aircraft


Mi-24 military transport helicopter

Mi-8 (Mi-17) multi-role helicopter

Mi-26T heavy transport helicopter

Craft and diving equipment

Patrol boats

Yaroslavets large patrol boat of project 376U

Flamingo large patrol boat of project 1415

Mustang fast patrol boat of project 14083

Redan RN-1000 boat of the Ministry of Interior

Strizh-3 fast patrol boat

Strizh-4 fast patrol boat

KS-100 series service boats

KS-700 fast boat

T4M tank landing boat

Air-cushion boats

AS-2 fast amphibious patrol boat

Fast rigid inflatable motor boats

Strizh-1 fast boat

Strizh-2 fast motor boat

Strizh-600 (Strizh-600M) fast motor boat

Chernaya akula (Black Shark) motor boat

Yamaha XLT-1200 hydrocycle

Diving gear and equipment

IDA-71U insulating breathing apparatus

OXY NG2 breathing insulating apparatus

AGA-(MK II) diving mask

AVM-5 air-cylinder apparatus

AVM-12-K air breathing apparatus

SVV-97 atmospheric diving gear

Fast-deployable diving stations (VSBR)

Mobile diving complex

Portable diver compression chamber

Portable oxygen generator

Portable oxygen generator/inhaler

Ingalit-VM portable apparatus

KKA-01 adsorption oxygen concentrator

Diving telephone set

VTS-8802 diving telephone station

VTK-U diving television complex

Obzor-150 telecontrolled underwater apparatus

Diver propulsion vehicles

Som-1 diver propulsion vehicle

Protey-1 diver propulsion vehicle

Farallon underwater diver propulsion vehicle

Artillery armament

Small arms and grenade launchers

Submachine guns